An illustration of the Fondouk el-Nejjarine in Fez, Morocco showing the ancient woodwork and craftsmanship of this UNESCO city

The ancient city of Fez houses within its walls an exquisite collection of monuments and sights that showcase the rich history and traditions of the Moroccan people. One of these monuments is Fondouk el-Nejjarine: an 18th century roadside inn transformed into a museum dedicated to the wooden arts and crafts typical of Morocco.

Fondouk el-Nejjarine proves to be a unique experience that reveals the past and present simultaneously: while inside you’ll be able to view beautiful pieces of wooden art on display; once you step outside you’ll have the opportunity to witness modern-day carpenters chiseling and carving their own creations. Continue reading…

Gay Travel in Morocco

Less than 15 kilometers south of mainland Europe, across the Strait of Gibraltar, is Morocco - a fantastic destination of sand dunes, beaches, crowded markets, resort towns and jaw-dropping mountains. Morocco is a beautiful country and has a way of engaging all your senses, making it a place that is without a doubt worth a visit. Though Morocco has a reputation as a great destination for many sorts of travelers, it is not necessarily well known for being a popular gay-friendly destination. This however doesn’t mean that it’s completely lacking in LGBT tourism.

Continue reading…

Koran in Tamegroute Morocco
Set on the southern edge of the Draa Valley just before Morocco’s Erg Chigaga Sahara Desert, the little village of Tamegroute (Tamgrout) may be easily ignored by passersby who are not aware of it’s existence. From the outside, the small pre-desert town goes almost unnoticed with its typical sand-colored houses that blend with the aridness of the backdrop.

It’s hard to believe that such a seemingly undistinguished village could house what was once considered to be the richest library in North Africa with almost 50,000 volumes collected from all over the world. But that is exactly what Tamegroute is: a surprising gem on the outskirts of the Sahara housing one of Morocco’s most interesting pieces of history. Continue reading…

Tin Mal Mosque in MoroccoLeave the busy streets of Marrakesh for a day and venture off into the Atlas Mountains – what you will find may certainly surprise you. Tucked away in the vast North African mountain range is a minor tribute to what was at one time the most significant spiritual center of the glorious Almohad dynasty – the Tin Mal Mosque (or Tinmel Mosque). It was once a vital stronghold hidden in the mountains with political, military and religious significance, but it stands in slight ruin and devoid of many tourist visitors; all of these reasons you should take a visit.

The Tin Mal Mosque can now be found just off of the Tizi ‘n’ Test road that crosses the High Atlas Mountains; it’s about one-and-a-half hours from Marrakesh. It offers the unique opportunity for visitors to look into what was once a magnificent mosque. Continue reading…

Santa Claus in Morocco

The Morocco travel team at Journey Beyond Travel caught Santa Claus riding camels in Morocco’s Sahara Desert and thought this is a sight worth sharing!

Here’s our top reasons why Santa Claus may wish to re-think his Christmas delivery strategy – using camels instead of reindeer this year!

1. Camels are cuter!

2. Santa can go overland instead of getting air sick!

3. No need for a sleigh, camels can carry everything!

4. The sand dunes of the Sahara offer all the fun without the cold!

5. Mrs. Claus can get some sun while Santa works!

Want to Experience Morocco this Christmas?

Enjoy sand dunes instead of snow this Christmas with Journey Beyond Travel! Like Santa, we’ve got to plan well ahead!

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