Visiting Morocco with Kids

We came to Morocco for adventure, and to dive headfirst into a culture and country unknown to us.

Our driver, Mohammed, bespeckled and stoic, doesn’t speak a lot. He’s got both hands on the wheel, planted firmly at 10 and 2 with his eyes steady on the road.

At 6,000 feet above sea level, spiraling along what must be our 30th hairpin switchback, I’m really starting to appreciate Mohammed’s businesslike approach. Our kids, four and seven, debate their favorite superpowers, oblivious to our precarious position on the top of the Tizi n’Tichka.

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Buttonmakers in Sefrou MoroccoThere are wonders that await you, wherever you may go in Morocco – in particular the artisanal crafts and traditional ways of life which have survived into the present, but which may not make it into the future. For those who are seeking the authentic, there is nothing closer to the truth than the meticulous craftsmanship of classical artisans. These artists have learned ancient skills and continue to produce works of exceptional beauty in ways that have been passed down from mentor to pupil for longer than anyone can remember.

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Geocaching in Morocco A supplement to any vacation itinerary, geocaching has led our family off the beaten path to places unknown and Morocco is no exception. Scattered across the country, many of the geocache locations in urban and rural Morocco have been carefully selected to showcase the geography, culture, history, and traditions of the country.

This global high-tech treasure hunt reaching the far corners of the globe, geocaching is a sport enjoyed by over six million people. Using global positioning system (GPS) coordinates to find hidden containers called geocaches, geocaching is an inexpensive and fun activity that can be enjoyed both close to home and on vacation—you simply need to register for an account at and have access to a GPS device (or if you have a smart phone with a data plan, download the geocaching app for $10).

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Tangier at 13

Travel should excite all the senses. That’s the lesson my thirteen-year-old self took back to England from my first family holiday abroad in Tangier, Morocco.

A port town in the north of Morocco, the once international zone of Tangier is separated from Europe by twenty miles of the Strait of Gibraltar. Its location  explains the cosmopolitan feel that Tangier had to my teenage self. The ambience permeated my skin, coated me whilst I walked with my parents, younger brother and our local guide, through the medina.

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8 Reasons Morocco Should be Your Next Travel Destination

You’re ready to pack your bags and take the adventure of a lifetime, but where to go, where to go? With so many destinations to choose from it can be overwhelming to select just one. But, there’s one country that you can experience old and new, surf and sand, a modern urban and conservative rural culture, ice cold snow and desert heat – all the contrasts in one! If you’re still not sure why Morocco should be your next travel destination, here are eight reasons worth considering.

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