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Our Causes, Project Fund, & Ambassador Program

Since Journey Beyond Travel is run by former Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff, we've always had a central goal of supporting local causes, associations, and initiatives throughout the country, especially in the places our travelers visit. We've listed those current causes below that we support at the grassroots level. A percentage from each tour goes directly to these projects. Due to customer demand, we've opened a new JBT Project Fund that allows travelers to also donate to the cause of their choice. Travelers are welcome to donate before their journey, but we think after a trip might be the time when you'll be most inspired to help (once you've seen what we do on the ground). Once your cultural adventure with us comes to an end, we'll send you a invitation email to read more about our projects, to donate, and become a member of our JBT Ambassador Program (which you can read about below).

Naim's Brother - Diagnosis & Treatment

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Our beloved driver Naim has a brother who needs our help. His older brother is cognitively impaired. He was not born this way; unfortunately, the family does not know what changed his mental state. He had been a bright independent young man until recent years. Medical imaging and good treatment are available in Morocco. But even though healthcare costs are somewhat lower than in other countries, the cost is prohibitive for many people like Naim’s family. We hope to raise enough funds to fund the diagnosis and treatment of Naim's brother.

Donations Begin 2014
Total Contributed by JBT Since 2014: US $0
Outside Contributions by Donors: US $1475

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Donate to this cause now.

Itto - Superstar Student

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In 2012, we've started an initiative to support one student in the Alaouit Organization for the Protection of the Blind, a local school in Meknes offering education to orphaned and blind students. As we commence, we are offering aid to one student in particular named Itto who has successfully finished high school and is now attending university. She has dreams of studying English and translation at the Ph.D level. She's a gifted and eager student with a bright future. Funds help support all her living, educational, and technological needs.

Donations Began 2012
Total Contributed by JBT Since 2013: US $3999.50
Outside Contributions by Donors: US $50

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Donate to this cause now.

Education for All in Morocco

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In 2013, we started helping with Education for All (EFA) by allocating certain funds that go directly to this organization each year. We are proud to support such initiatives for education in Morocco - this one focusing on girls from rural communities. We plan on increasing our donations to EFA and if you'd like to support a student for one year, the cost us $1200 total.

Donations Began 2013
Total Contributed by JBT Since 2013: US $675
Total Outside Contributions by Donors: US $75

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Donate to this cause now.

Nomadic Families

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Since 2008, we've tried to do all we can to support nomadic families living on the outskirts of Merzouga, the Erg Chebbi region of the Sahara Desert. We help with monthly supplies, but we're trying to do more.

Donations Began 2010
Total Contributed by JBT Since 2013: US $348
Total Outside Contributions by Donors: US $250

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Donate to this cause now.

Village of Khemlia

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Since we began, we've had travelers visit the village of Khemlia, just past Merzouga. In every trip we do, we collect 50dh (about $6) per traveler for donations that go to this village of Gnawa musicians. They put on a quite a show and sell their CDs after a performance.

Donations Began 2008
Total Contributed by JBT Since 2013: US $907.25
Total Outside Contributions by Donors: US $0

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Donate to this cause now.

High Atlas Foundation

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For 2011 and onward from 2012, we've been collecting donations from travelers at the time of booking a trip that goes directly to the High Atlas Foundation. The donation helps locals in the mountains plant fruit trees and helps to carbon offset your trip. You can donate at the time of booking.

Donations Began 2011
Contributions by Donors since 2013: US $935

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Donate to this cause now.

JBT Project Fund

Exciting news! We've now opened a project fund that will aid in the causes that we support (and allow us to take on others as they come up). Travelers can choose to donate to the cause of their choice (or the general fund). Rest assured 100% of your donation will go directly to the cause of your choice. All funds are under trustworthy stewardship.

JBT Ambassador Program

Our JBT Ambassadors Program is an initiative to allow past travelers an opportunity to donate to the cause of their choice and stay connected to Morocco in positive ways. Ambassadors are listed below.

What We'll Send You

Access to Top Tour Operators:
As a thank you for your donation, we are in the process of putting together our member's only, hand-picked list of tour operators (description, website, direct e-mail, and phone numbers) with whom our staff (and other fellow travelers) have traveled to other countries (who can offer you a discounted rate when you tell them you are from JBT). We hope to offer you a Journey Beyond Travel experience in other places around the globe.

Updates Via Newsletter:
You'll also receive our Ambassador Newsletter that we plan on sending twice per year that outlines how each project is doing. And, in the future, we hope to possibly arrange other member-only events, trip opportunities, and online giveaways.

Current JBT Ambassadors

  • Cathy DeVleming (WA, USA)
  • The Adamany Family (WI, USA)
  • Bill & Susan Oliver (AK, USA)
  • Teri Venker & Terry Jacobson (WI, USA)
  • Sarah White (WI, USA)
  • Catharine S. (Ontario, CA)
  • Al & Jo Crane (AK, USA)
  • Bob & Susan Barrie (AZ, USA)
  • Kevin & Gunilla Nilon (Sweden)
  • Anonymous (Ontario, CA)
  • Nanette Anslinger (PA, USA)
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