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Conditions of Traveling to Morocco with Journey Beyond Travel LLC

Once you have paid the booking deposit online (that goes towards the overall payment of your trip) you’ll receive a booking confirmation and receipt. Final payments are due 60 days before your arrival in country (or less for last-minute reservations). If you book within 30 days of your tour’s start date, the initial deposit is due followed by the final payment soon thereafter.

Journey Beyond Travel does not arrange airfare within or outside of Morocco. All tour quotes are for in-country, land-only services. All information on our website is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge.

In the following, “traveler” or “travelers” refers to those traveling with Journey Beyond Travel, LLC. And, "JBT" or "Journey Beyond Travel" refers to Journey Beyond Travel, LLC and Journey Beyond S.A.R.L.

Travel Insurance:
Journey Beyond Travel requires that all travelers purchase travel insurance. When you book a trip with us, you automatically agree to these policies. We do not require copies of any travel insurance documents. We do request emergency contact details. Travel insurance should cover: trip cancellation and interruption, personal injury and accidents, emergency and medical evacuation, repatriation, and any associated present and future medical expenses. Journey Beyond Travel has no liability to cover anyone’s medical costs or exit from country in any situation.

Cancellation Policy:
If a traveler wishes to cancel a tour, please notify Journey Beyond Travel as soon as possible in writing. You can fax us at +1 718 304 1180. We consider a cancellation received the working business day it arrives to us, not the day you send it out. If a traveler, family, travel group, or anyone who has reserved with Journey Beyond Travel cancels a reserved trip with us, it means:

An automatic loss in all circumstances of:

91-120 days or more: all initial deposits / payments
61-90 days: 50% of tour cost
60 days or less: 100% of tour cost

In some cases, final amounts following a deposit are divided into two timely payments. The first of these is treated as a part of the initial deposit since any initially collected monies are used to pay in-country fees due with certain establishments with which we work.

Journey Beyond Travel may choose to work with any tour changes or cancellations on an individual basis. The parameters above help to safeguard both parties should an issue beyond our control arise. Although much easier if requests or cancellations are made 60 days or more before a trip’s start date, when a traveler(s) requests changes or cancels a trip, we will work with them to the best of our ability to accommodate.

Visas and Passports:
Please take a look at our Morocco Visa Information page on our travel guide for the latest information. We do not guarantee its accuracy. It is up to you, the traveler, to obtain the proper documentation to enter a specific country. Especially for Morocco, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure your passport is valid for more than six months on the date you enter Morocco.

Depending on your country of residence or origin, you may be required to obtain a visa before arrival. Citizens of the United States, Canada, Europe Union, Australia, and New Zealand can stay for a period of 90 days before exiting Morocco. Holding a resident card or green card to any country, does not mean that you can enter Morocco with it. You may still need to apply for a visa. Be prudent and careful to check your government’s pages online and by visiting or contacting the nearest Moroccan consulate or embassy.

Traveling with Journey Beyond Travel means that you accept being:

- Flexible and accepting of a different culture

- Flexible with your tour correspondent(s), guide(s), driver(s), & hotel staff

- Accepting and accommodating of host country nationals

Price Subjectivity | Currency Devaluation:
Although unlikely and never yet an issue, as a condition of your reservation, you agree to pay any change in the cost of the trip that is beyond Journey Beyond Travel's control, up to 10% of the original price quoted to you. Any increase in the cost of a trip beyond 10% of the original price quoted to you will constitute a "substantial change" in the terms of the trip, thereby entitling you to cancellation rights detailed above. If you choose to continue with the trip booked, you will be responsible for the increase in cost. Any such increase in cost payable by you must be paid upon notification to you. Examples of increased costs beyond the control of Journey Beyond Travel includes, but is not limited to, currency devaluation, increased costs of third party providers of services such as transportation, accommodation, and taxes.

Reserved Rights:
If you leave a trip on your own accord or for other reasons, Journey Beyond Travel will not refund any monies. Money for meals, transport, sleeping accommodations, sightseeing ventures, trekking or any other service that you, the traveler, do not wish to participate in will not be returned. Journey Beyond Travel does not insure plane tickets, missed flights or anything dealing with your travel, plans or arrangements.

Journey Beyond Travel will not cancel a trip for any reason due to unforeseen mishaps, acts of God or Nature, and in-country political and civil situations and/or instability, including terrorism. If a trip is cancelled before the tour start date or a trip is in process and is interrupted due to any unforeseen events, Journey Beyond Travel will not reimburse any monies. Journey Beyond Travel is not responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your trip, such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights, change of flights, or loss of enjoyment. Travel insurance is required for all travelers coming on a tour with Journey Beyond Travel.

Changes Made to Booked Tour:
If a traveler or group wishes to change their tour dates, it will be dependent upon availability. If a change of dates is granted, any traveler(s) will be expected to pay any associated fees or cost differences in order to re-arrange transport, hotels, or any other fees. If a traveler or group requests a change of tour dates before a trip’s start date and it cannot be arranged, it may be treated according to our cancellation policy. No changes of tour dates can be made 60 days before an already booked tour. Journey Beyond Travel does not cover any charges due to such changes.

Changes to Hotels and Itineraries:
Any additional requests (meals, rooms, activities, etc.) before a trip takes place could incur extra charges to cover said requests.

Those who Sign Up Late or Last Minute:
If a traveler wishes to travel within 60 days within a trip’s start date, the deposit will be due first, followed by the final payment soon thereafter. Journey Beyond Travel reserves the right to process final payments automatically at any time before the trip start date and will send clients a receipt.

Medical Emergency and Evacuation Plan:
For medical emergencies, Journey Beyond Travel has the following strategy in plan. All travelers are required to have travel insurance to cover any unforeseen incidents. A signed trip policies form is also required from every traveler booked on a trip. For trekking and adventure excursions, our guides are equipped with basic first-aid kits and a satellite phone for use in emergency situations. For medical emergencies, our strategic plan is to:

1. Transport the injured party to the nearest competent in-country clinic or hospital. We have an exhaustive list of hospitals and doctors in each city and region of the country. The US Consulate also maintains a list.

2. If the injured person(s) is/are not able to make medical decisions, then a family member, emergency contact, travel partner, or Journey Beyond Travel may do so and may contact the insurance provider on your behalf. Our trip policies form gives us permission to do so without liability. Most insurance providers will transfer emergency calls to their medical department to further assess the situation.

3. If a traveler needs to be medically evacuated from Morocco, an in-country physician will authorize the evacuation and the travel insurance provider will work with their worldwide partners to schedule the evacuation. If the travel insurance provider proves to be ineffective or prolongs the transfer, we work directly with Flight Serve UK who can arrange medical evacuations from Morocco to the nearest (or necessary) European city. In cases where time is not of the essence, patients from the United States or Canada can be flown back to their home country for treatment. In some cases commercial airlines are used (with bed, nurse, and sometimes a physician on board) to save on costs. Any medical evacuations from Morocco will have to be 100% paid in full before any flights are scheduled. For those without adequate insurance, this can cost more than $5000 per hour.

Amendments and Risk:
Although never yet an issue, Journey Beyond travel reserves the right to alter an itinerary that has begun or shorten the trip due to unforeseen reasons. If emergency evacuation from a country is necessary, Journey Beyond Travel will not be responsible for these costs, but will help to arrange the procedure. By traveling with JBT, you agree to listen and abide by all rules and decisions made by any guides or staff.

Please be aware that Journey Beyond Travel works with and hires host-country nationals to help with its tours. These parties are competent, reliable, qualified and safe in what they do. Journey Beyond Travel will not be held liable for any injuries, loss of life, delay, or anything else that may occur. We reserve the right to change, delete, add-to or edit any portion of this agreement without prior or follow-up notice.

By booking with Journey Beyond Travel, you automatically agree that you have fully read and understand all of the above. You also agree to the following:

"I agree that Journey Beyond Travel and anyone or entity associated directly or indirectly with Journey Beyond Travel shall not be held liable for any reason in any situation before, during or after specified tour dates. I accept all risks involved in traveling and assume full responsibility in my actions and behavior in any situation. I release Journey Beyond Travel from any and all liabilities. Upon booking a trip with Journey Beyond Travel, I agree to Journey Beyond Travel’s Trip Policies.”

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