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Plan your dream trip with our renowned in-country team. Customize your tour to your travel style. Embark on an unmatched personalized experience!

Go Beyond the Destination

Venture into the heart of the country and have an unforgettable experience with our renowned team. We truly take you beyond the destination!
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Get Off the Beaten Path

Check out our sample Morocco itineraries to gain insight on how your trip can be custom built and tailored to the places you want to see and the activities you want to do.
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Learn About Morocco

Visit our travel blog where you’ll have access to our professional articles, insider city guides, and special videos that will help you plan your journey.
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Explore Hidden Destinations

Journey into the mountains of Morocco on one of our deluxe treks. You can arrange a multi-day hike or incorporate a longer walking excursion as a part of any circuit you may choose to do.
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Your Adventure Awaits!

Morocco is a land of diverse people and landscapes. View our video to see the adventure that awaits!

Unique Experiences

Our excursions take you beyond the destination to offer you truly unique experiences. We have access to hidden corners of the country that we can’t wait to share with you.

Authentic Encounters

Our team has special relationships with locals that gives you true access into villages, humble homes, and encounters that will heighten your experience throughout your tour.

High Quality & Value

Journey Beyond Travel is one of Morocco’s premier tour operators. Our expertise, client-focused approach, and pricing reflects the quality and value of each trip we run. 

Meet Some of the Journey Beyond Travel Team

Fazia is our Head Tour Coordinator. She has a degree in North African Studies and is certified in Sustainable Community Development.
Tata is our Sahara Regional Coordinator. He will take you around his humble village and ensure that all is set for your Sahara Desert adventure.
Thomas is the founder of Journey Beyond Travel. He started in Morocco with the US Peace Corps and then set his sights on forming Morocco’s best tour company.

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Adventure Travel Trade Association Member

Proud Members of ATTA

We are members of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, one of the most renowned travel organizations in the world. We represent some of the planet's top outfitters in Morocco.

Ecotour Travel Provider

Eco-Tourism Provider

Journey Beyond Travel works hard to ensure that each trip we do meets modern environmental standards. At the grass-root level we promote ecotourism projects throughout the country.

Eco-Tourism Society

Focused on Sustainability

We promote sustainable and responsible travel in Morocco. Our niche of offering high-quality tours ensures low impact on the special places you'll visit with our team.

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