The Best Travel Advice: Don’t Panic — The Coronavirus in Morocco

Morocco coronavirus, COVID 19 in Morocco, Casablanca Coronavirus, Morocco safety, does morocco have the coronavirus, Is there coronavirus in Marrakesh, Marrakesh Coronavirus, Covid 19 morocco, Wuhan virus moroccoCall it what you will — CoViD 19; Coronavirus; Novel Coronavirus; the Wuhan Virus — whatever name want to use, this new virus definitely has people in a panic. Stock markets are plunging, pharmacies have run out of face masks, churches and schools are shuttered, the NBA has closed its season, and now there is even talk of cancelling the 2020 Olympics. With a little 4 year-old at home, we’re a bit anxious about this ourselves, though we are trying to keep a sort of balanced view of this. We’ve talked with numerous doctors in the U.S., France, Spain and here in Morocco over the past week. It’s probably no surprise that every doctor we’ve talked to sees this fallout as an overreaction of sorts that has been mediatized to ill effect. At this point, we know the precautions we should be taking, but we all need to be wary of the false information that is spreading. — UPDATED March 19, 2020 (more…)

Your Morocco Reading List: 14 Books Guaranteed to Entertain, Instruct and Delight

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Over the past few years, people have often asked me what sort of books they should read about Morocco. That’s a tough question as there are quite a few really great books about this little kingdom nestled on the northwest corner of Africa. Still, I have my favorites. What follows has been born from an email exchange with a JBT client (and fellow University of Washington alum!). It is a list of what I believe to be the Best Books about Morocco. These are my favorite by Moroccans and non-Moroccans alike. Any one of these will help you to pull back the curtain, dive straight into the souks, into the mountains and desert, and understand even more about Morocco before your plane touches down. (more…)

Three Days in Marrakesh: Where To Eat, What To Do and Where To Go

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Three days in Marrakesh. This is the average most travelers manage to spend in the Red City. Whether you’re coming for work or pleasure, it’s almost impossible to not spend at least a couple of nights in Marrakesh. And for good reason! Marrakesh is a delight, a feast for the eyes as well as all your other senses. It’s familiar and exotic. Decadent and humble. Rustic and opulent. And it manages to be all these things, and much more, all at once. It’s a place that has to be seen to be believed. For whatever reason, two nights seems to be the magical number to spend in Marrakesh. (more…)

Visiting Morocco in Summer: A Survival Guide

Visiting Morocco in Summer- A Survival Guide

Morocco is an increasingly popular travel destination year-round. But as the seasons change throughout the year, so do the opportunities visitors have to experience Morocco’s culture and history. Whether you’re into water sports, mountain trekking, cultural experiences or historical sites – you’ll find that the optimal time for exploring all of these sides of Morocco can vary throughout the year. If you’re planning on visiting Morocco in summer there are a few things to keep in mind. (more…)

What is the Impact of Chinese Tourism in Morocco?

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In the 13th century, Morocco’s own Ibn Battuta, in explorer and intrepid traveler, was the first known traveler to connect distant the northwest corner of Africa to the far East. It’s taken nearly eight centuries, but the connection these days between Beijing and Rabat is strong. With stronger political ties, many are following the route of Morocco’s most famed exploring, making the journey from China to Morocco. And make no mistake about it, in just a few short years, this recent influx of Chinese tourism to Morocco has altered the landscape of some of the most popular destinations around the country. (more…)

Your Phone in Morocco: Keep Connected with a Local SIM Card

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Now, more than ever, it’s easy to stay connected with your loved ones back home while you’re traveling to Morocco. Sporting a very robust network, with 4g cellular capability in major cities as well as much of the countryside, you should have no problems using popular programs like WhatsApp and Facetime to keep in touch. And where 4g is unavailable, a surprisingly quick 3g connection is often found. (more…)

Senior Travel in Morocco

Elderly Travel Morocco, Old Morocco Travel, Pensioner Travel Morocco, Travel in Morocco for Senior Citizens, Senior Citizen Travel Morocco, Mobility impaired travel MoroccoFor many travelers “of a certain age,” Morocco holds a distinct appeal. By this time in a traveler’s life, the bustling boulevards of Paris and sun-soaked beaches of Hawaii are staid, almost dull. Morocco, in contrast, is something different, something alive and vibrant and full of new sights, sounds and smells to experience. Of course, it helps that Morocco does have its own bustling boulevards and sun-soaked beaches. But what is it like traveling to Morocco for this age group? (more…)

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Sahara Desert

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There are very few places on Earth that compare to the incredible landscapes you’ll see visiting the Sahara Desert. Running along Morocco’s eastern border with neighboring Algeria, the Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert covering an area roughly the size of the entire United States. Many travelers visit Morocco specifically with the intention of venturing off into the desert and spending a night under the stars. And we can’t blame them! A desert adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. (more…)

Fun Facts about Marrakesh

Marrakech, Jemma El Fnaa, Jemma el fna, Marrakesh Main Square, Marrakesh Sunset, Marrakesh mosque, Marrakesh koutoubia Mosque

Marrakesh is a city like no other. Steeped in history, the North African tourist hotspot is a must experience on any serious traveler’s list of magical places to visit. The beautiful architecture, mosques, palaces, gardens, sacred ruins, charming souks, delicious food, tantalizing smells, and interesting people are what make Marrakesh such a captivating city. (more…)

Moroccan Interior Design

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Most people who visit Morocco are fascinated by the country’s incredible interior design. ‘Fairy’, ‘dreamy’ and ‘charming’ are some of the most used terms to describe Moroccan design style. Cherished and widely loved, it is copied internationally. From luxury hotels to celebrity homes, Moroccan interior design has become a staple to make homes warmer, cozier and perfect for intimate gatherings. (more…)

Visiting Morocco During Ramadan

Visiting Morocco During Ramadan

UPDATED: May 2, 2019: Ramadan is the month-long Islamic holiday celebrated each year. The Islamic calendar follows a lunar pattern so every year Ramadan moves 10 days forward on the Gregorian calendar. This year, Ramadan falls mostly in the month of May. This is usually a high season for travelers visiting Morocco. While many people balk at visiting during Ramadan, anticipating problems or inconveniences, there’s no reason to put aside your plans. However, before you begin your trip, it is important to know a few things about Ramadan. Here are a few things that will likely affect your visit, hopefully for the better! (more…)

Driving in Morocco

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One of the most common questions we receive is about driving in Morocco. Is driving in Morocco is safe? Are the roads good? Do you need an international driver’s license? Is it possible to rent a good car. In short, the answers are: For the most part, Mostly,  No, and Yes. (more…)

Destination Morocco: A Journey for Every Type of Traveler

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For many travelers the question isn’t if you’ll be traveling or when you’ll be traveling. It’s a matter of where you’ll be traveling. Where do you want to go on your dream vacation? Where should you spend your beach getaway to relax after a hectic month at the office? Where will you be taking that once-in-a-lifetime family trip? If you’re reading this, you probably already know where you’re going: Destination Morocco!


Spanish Influence in Morocco

Martil, Morocco, Spanish Architecture, Martil Church, Martil Spanish Church, Spanish in Morocco, Spanish influence in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a diverse country with an easily recognizable and rich culture. However, when you look closely, Morocco is also a melting pot of foreign influences. The geographic position of Morocco and its history have resulted in a complex web of cultural contributions. Moroccans are extremely proud of this fact and thus view their country as open and welcoming. Apart from the recent and obvious French influence, Morocco has a strong connection to Spain. (more…)

Casablanca’s Habous Quarter: For History Buffs, Photographers and Shoppers

Casablanca, Quartier Habous, Habous Quarter, Casablanca Shopping, Habous Shopping, What to do in Casablanca, Habous History, Casablanca Things to do

Most people traveling internationally end up staying at least a day or two in Casablanca. After touring the towering Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Morocco and one of the very few that non-muslims are allowed entry, maybe they take a romantic stroll along the seaside boardwalk? Maybe memorable dinner at one of Casablancas many fine-dining establishments, such as Rick’s Cafe? But then what? (more…)

How Moroccan Architecture Is Built to Beat the Heat

When I was planning a trip to Fez a few weeks ago, I made sure to book a riad (a traditional Moroccan house) with air conditioning. Like many parts of Morocco in July, the temperature was forecast to be almost 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius). I was sweating as I walked through the streets but was pleasantly surprised to find that my guesthouse was nice and cool… and they hadn’t even turned on the AC! This was all thanks to the genius of Moroccan architecture! (more…)

JBT’s Ultimate Guide to the Quranic Schools of Morocco

The long, storied history of learning and scholarship in Morocco is often surprising to first time visitors, and even to some longtime inhabitants. In fact, Morocco boasts the world’s oldest university – the University of al-Qarawiyyin (also written as: Al Quaraouiyine or Al-Karaouine). Recognized by UNESCO and the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest university, al-Qarawiyyin was founded in 859 AD by Fatima al-Fihri, the daughter of a wealthy merchant family who immigrated to Morocco from modern-day Tunisia. (more…)

The Incredible Royal Stables of Meknes

Royal Stables Meknes Sultan Horses Arabian Thoroughbred Studs Studfarm Granary Heri Es-souani

One of Morocco’s most famed rulers was Sultan Moulay Ismail. He was 27 when he came to power and ruled from 1645-1727. During his reign, the country’s capital city was transferred to Meknes, where his slaves brought to life his splendid visions for the city’s architectural masterpieces. Often called“The Bloodthirsty” for his harsh, often violent rule, not only did Moulay Ismail pillage nearby Volubilis for all of its precious marble and other materials to build his palace in Meknes, he was rumored to have buried his slaves within the palace walls if he was dissatisfied with their work. (more…)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) Now Open in Marrakesh

Museum of Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) Marrakesh Marrakech Morocco Museums Maroc Africa African Art Black Art

The lush grounds of a golf club in the outskirts of Marrakesh are now home to one of the only museums dedicated to African art on the continent. The Museum of Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL), privately-owned by a non-profit organization, had its official opening in February of this year. The museum aims to showcase the work of established and emerging artists making art related to Africa. Apart from a big contemporary art museum that opened last year in Cape Town and a few privately-owned galleries that have sprung up, there are relatively few places where African art can be seen on home turf. (more…)

Celebrating July 4th: Why the US Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Morocco

Moroccan American relations Flags relations fourth of July tangier american legation Morocco casablanca tangier

If you’re in Morocco on July 4th, you won’t see fireworks or likely hear the Star Spangled Banner playing. There won’t be any baseball games on TV and you would be lucky to find Deviled Eggs or Grandma’s Potato Salad anywhere. However, what you should know is that the US as we know it likely wouldn’t be if it weren’t for this humble little nation on the northwest corner of Africa. (more…)

Tetouan’s Best-Kept Secret: A Visit to the Royal Artisan School with Green Olive Arts

Tetouan Tetwan Tétouan Tetuán Artes Art Tour

From the crumbling splendor of the 13th-century Alhambra in Granada, Spain, to the 14th-century Madrasa Bou Inania in Fez, Morocco, spectacular examples of Moorish plaster-carving, tilework, and intricately carved painted wood have blown the minds of millions of visitors over the centuries. Today, many of the same skills used to decorate those architectural gems can still be found all over Morocco in dusty craftsmen’s shops, often sprinkled throughout the old medinas of Morocco, where artisans use traditional tools and methods to create gorgeous, geometrically intricate works that are both functional and artistic. Often these skills are passed down from parent to child, but in Tetouan children have a unique opportunity to learn from true masters. (more…)

24 Hours in Tetouan

Tetouan Tetwan Tetouin Tetuan Tetuán Morocco Maroc

The old Medina of Tetouan is a place where people live and work — you won’t find many souvenir shops here. But if you want to experience life in a Moroccan medina with few tourists where you can explore without being bombarded by “come have a look!” then Tetouan is well worth a visit, either as a long day trip or an overnight. With just 24 hours you can get a good sense of Tetouan’s flavor. (more…)