hotel morocco travelEven the global nomad needs a roof over his or her head. Finding a place to rest after a long day of adventure is not always an easy task though. Luckily for those on a holiday to Morocco, the selection is almost endless—from virtually free hostels to swanky, bourgeois five-star hotels—and accommodations in Morocco are never in short supply.

To find the perfect lodging in Morocco, you need to consider what is most important to you in overnight accommodations. Think about the price and location that work best for you, but also consider what you’d like to get out of the experience. In Morocco, many accommodation choices are a doorway to unique cultural experiences, and these experiences may be worth the extra cost.

For those on a budget, the key is to be creative. Perhaps the cheapest option for accommodations is the age-old process of couch surfing, or staying with a local family or individual. Such an accommodation has positives and negatives. Economically, couch surfing is a great option for those hoping to stretch their dollars to accommodate for more time and adventures. However, there are also negatives—staying with a family limits your ability to travel freely, and there are also safety concerns.

The next cheapest option is a hostel. Hostels provide inexpensive living quarters that are often in shared spaces with anywhere between two to sixteen individuals sharing a room and bathing facilities. Due to crowded quarters, meeting friends in hostels is very easy. However, hostel guests must be wary of their belongings, which must be locked in a locker to prevent theft. Additionally, hostels also bear another risk: pests such as bed bugs are also common hostel guests.

Those with a more budgetary flexibility can look at mid-level hotels options, which are widely available. Mid-level hotels allow for more privacy than the cheaper options. These hotels are often located in strategic spots, close to touristy sites and even on the beach. Some are located deep in a medina, while others are located a bit further away from the action. If possible, however, reading reviews on websites will help you weed through the mid-level options because some are high quality accommodations while others share characteristics with hostels. Research the specifics of hotels in advance to save time and avoid disappointment.

Morocco does high-end accommodations well. For the occasional splurge, the “high life” in Morocco delivers with finesse. Multi-national hotels such as the Ritz Carlton are available as are unique, high-end Moroccan boutique hotels. For the few individuals who can afford such luxury, Morocco’s five-star hotels also feature contemporary, Moroccan fusion restaurants.

From the bargains to the affordable to the high-end, accommodations in Morocco are properly varied to suit any traveler’s needs.

Written by Anna Sandor.

Photo by CB Photography.