6 Best Handicap Accessible Locations in Morocco

If you’re planning a visit to Morocco but have disabilities it can seem like a daunting challenge to find places to stay and things to do that meet your needs. While Morocco hasn’t come as far as other countries in regards to providing accessible options for travelers, you might be surprised to discover there are options for people of all ability levels.

6 Best Handicap Accessible Locations in Morocco: Casablanca


The largest city in Morocco, Casablanca is a relatively flat city making getting around easy. The famous Hassan II mosque is accessible for people of all ability levels, including those in wheelchairs however not all entrances are wheelchair accessible. Casablanca also has a new tramway that links together the city. The tram features low floors so that those with sight impairment can easily enter and announcements are given in French and Arabic.

6 Best Handicap Accessible Locations in Morocco: Rabat


The capital city of Rabat can be more of a challenge as the city is not as flat as Casablanca or Marrakech. But this capital city still has plenty to offer. The Hassan II memorial is accessible but only the outer square, not inside the actual tombs. Rabat also has a tram way similar to Casablanca offering an easy way to get around the city.

6 Best Handicap Accessible Locations in Morocco: Marrakesh


While Marrakesh doesn’t have a tramway yet (plans are underway to build one), the city is flat and has many hotel accommodations that are handicap accessible. There are many facilities for tourists of all ability levels. Both the Jamaa el Fna square and souks are flat and friendly for those with vision impairment or in wheelchairs.

6 Best Handicap Accessible Locations in Morocco: Meknes


Perhaps one of the most infrequently visited Imperial cities, a large portion of the old medina is accessible as is Lahdim Square. The markets of Meknes and several museums such as the Musee Dar Jamai are accessible.

6 Best Handicap Accessible Locations in Morocco: Agadir


It may come as a surprise that the coastal hangout of Agadir may be one of the most accessible cities in Morocco. The walkway along the corniche and the city center are both accessible. This city is known for it’s beaches and seafood both of which can be accessed easily. There are many hotels in Agadir offering a few more options than you might find in other cities.

6 Best Handicap Accessible Locations in Morocco: Oulidia


Haven’t heard of Oualidia? It’s one of the hidden gems of Morocco. If you want to visit the beach but are in a wheelchair this is the place to go. The beach may be one of the only in Morocco that is accessible!  The beach is protected by a rock break so swimming is also possible with little threat of giant waves and undertow.

Not on the List

Unfortunately much of the old city of Fez, the winding car-free medina is very difficult for those who have disabilities to navigate. The roads are very narrow at times, riddled with hills and staircases as well as tight turns. However, the new city of Fez is much easier to access. There may be some parts of old Fez that can be accessed with the help of an aide.

If you’d like to experience more rural areas, it may be possible (and accommodations will be very basic and offer even less accessibility than in the cities), so it’s important to use a travel company that understands and can meet your needs.

Meeting Your Travel Needs

Journey Beyond Travel strives to provide all travelers with an amazing experience in Morocco. This article was composed with help from El Houssaine Ichen, our Accessible Tourism Coordinator, who can also help make your travels in Morocco meaningful and tailored for your individual needs. Get in touch with our team today to begin planning your Morocco vacation.

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