Have you ever video chatted with the family back home while traversing the Sahara, perched on the hump of a dromedary strolling through the vast sand sea?

Yep. That’s a thing.

These days, Morocco is lots more than the sandy climes of the Sahara and busy, bustling souks of Marrakesh. This travel hotspot also happens to be one of Africa’s leading destinations for business. Over the last few decades, Morocco has progressively latched onto the explosive growth of Internet-enabled and Internet-based business. Today, with fast 4g connection found in most major metropolitan areas — as well as a robust 3g network — keeping connected while touring Morocco has never been easier. 

To take the best advantage of the fast, reliable network, you’ll want to either have an international plan for your phone or get a SIM card when you land. You can read more about setting up your phone here: https://www.journeybeyondtravel.com/blog/phone-sim-card-morocco.html.

Now, once you do have your phone all set up, make sure to take advantage of the easy connection from the smartphone you keep within arms reach at all times! Google Translator can be a great help in a pinch, and you will definitely want to have Kobo Reader (or another reading device) handy for that vacation read and your favorite Moroccan guide book.

Other apps you likely already have installed on your phone include: Facebook Messenger, Skype and Face Time. These are all great to have as options to make that video call back home from the Sahara happen.

Photographers will want a host of phone apps, including Lightroom, SnapSeed and even Apple’s Photo app while your native Weather app could be used to check the local clime.

That said, here is a list of the best travel apps for Morocco that you will want to have downloaded and at the ready!

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Travel Apps for Morocco – General Travel and Trip Planning


You’ve likely used the SkyScanner website to search for flights, but if you haven’t downloaded the SkyScanner app yet, do yourself a favor and do it! This perhaps the most comprehensive, intuitive solution not only for finding flights, but making other necessary reservations along the way at a moment’s notice. 

Trip It

We really like the ease-of-use for Trip It. Once you create your account, you just email whatever confirmations you get to “[email protected]” and they automatically create a trip for you. This keeps everything organized and at your fingertips.

XE Convertor

Morocco’s currency, though stable, does fluctuate. Particularly if you’re negotiating for any high-value item, you will want to know what all those dirhams and centimes amount to in your local currency. This can also be a handy reference for trip planning.

Travel Apps for Morocco – Getting Around


You likely haven’t heard of Careem before. It’s an Uber competitor that is very popular in Morocco. This is particularly good for taxis in Casablanca and Marrakesh to order taxis with a quick swipe of your finger. You will want to make sure you have local data turned on to use it.


This crowd-sourced navigation app is great for getting through the confusing streets of Morocco’s metropolitan centers. Co-pilots will want to make sure they have this at the ready… as well as a good amount of local date.


For getting around on foot, you can get by in a pinch with Google Maps and Apple’s Maps, though they don’t work that well in the old medieval medinas. Maps.Me are downloadable maps and are great for places like the Fez and Marrakesh medinas.

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Travel Apps for Morocco – Organizing

Travel Diaries

There are a few travel journal apps that we use and love. Perhaps our favorite is Travel Diaries. Here, you have the freedom to write and upload photos. You can share with friends and even print your travel journal at the end of your adventure!


Memento is another great app for those looking for some more organizational features. Its integration with everything social (Facebook, Twitter, et cetera), makes it a winner.


You might not think of TurboScan as a travel app, but it is a great place to keep copies of all of your important travel documents, such as passports, tickets, and information policies.

So keep your phone charged and when you’re mounted on your favorite camel, start that video chat back home with your family for somewhere beyond the highest peak of Erg Chebbi. Let them all share in a small piece of your Moroccan adventure!

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Lucas Peters Morocco Author PhotoWritten by Morocco expert, award-winning author and photographer Lucas Peters. He is the writer and photographer of the popular guidebook Moon Morocco as well as the editor of our award-winning blog. He lives in Tangier with his family and spends far too much of his time attached to his phone. You can find him on Instagram here @Lucas_m_peters and @JourneyBeyondTravel

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