When people today think of family holidays, many feel a sense of dread and forthcoming doom. How can it be possible for an entire family, composed of individuals of all ages and interests, to find a vacation that will excite each and every one? If you and your family have been pondering this question, why not challenge yourself to think outside the box of so-called “traditional” family vacation spots and move your thoughts instead towards an adventure-filled vacation that will challenge the family both physically and mentally? A Morocco bike tour can be just the ticket for those families seeking an unforgettable trip that will both allow family members to spend quality time together while also allowing a certain level of personal freedom.

Once you have decided that a bike trip is a great option for your next family trip, turn your thoughts to a suitable location. As mentioned earlier, one country that is attracting bikers from around the world is the North African country of Morocco. Morocco is a breathtakingly beautiful country, filled with enough stunning geography to to appeal to every member of your family: deserts, mountains, ocean and valleys: If you name it, Morocco has it.

One of the best Morocco biking routes on which to take your family morocco holiday for a trip is a circuit through the Southern Sahara. Southern Morocco is absolutely majestic and biking allows visitors to get the feel of this unique landscape in a way that other modes of traveling do not. For example, visitors driving through Southern Morocco may zoom through desert towns and villages nestled in palm-filled valleys. A bike tour, however, is an extremely up-close and personal way to experience a country and to soak up a new culture. Talk with the roadside vendors selling dates; play a quick game of soccer with the kids; visit a cafe that gets fewer visitors from the outside world and so forth.

On your bikes, you and your family will be able to rest in villages along your trip, stopping in a number of beautiful and remote locations that car travelers never make it to. You will interact with the amazingly friendly Berbers who populate much of Southern Morocco. The experience will be especially valuable for children and teenagers, who will benefit from this close interaction with new cultures. When your children return home, they will have a new appreciation for Arab and Berber culture and this interest will carry over into their studies of world history and languages later in life. Planting seeds now ensures growth later.

One of the loveliest spots that families enjoy while biking through Southern Morocco is the lush and gorgeous Ziz Valley. The valley appears to bikers as if out of nowhere. Imagine, if you will, riding your bike through dry, red-hued sandy hills and then seeing in front of you a valley filled with luscious green palm trees laden with figs; running through the valley is a serene and deep blue river that provides the valley with its lush vegetation. Take the time with your family to stop in the Ziz and converse with some of the locals (we can even hook you up with lunch and a walking tour to get to know how the date farmers do it). Even if you speak no French, Arabic, or Berber, worry not – body language and a friendly smile can easily communicate that you and your family are friendly visitors. Before you know it, your new Ziz friends will be offering you some of the most tender and sweetest dates you have ever tasted. The sugar rush of the dates will do you good, and by the time you dust off your bikes to continue your journey through Southern Morocco, you will be energized and refreshed.

The benefits of biking with your family are numerous, and it will no doubt be a Morocco holiday that you will all remember forever. Discuss with a trusted Moroccan tour operator in order to plan the ideal bike trip for you and your family. They will be able to arrange for an amazing trip and will help you to discover some Moroccan gems that the average traveler does not encounter. Then, grab your bikes and begin training for what is most likely to be one of the most exciting Morocco bike trip of your life! All levels of fitness can come, as we’ll have a follow vehicle(s) the entire way.