Once the cool breezes of winter turn warm, and the almond trees begins, spring is on its way and so to does the festival season. Some festivals, such as the Fez Sacred Music Festival and Gnawa Music Festival are known worldwide, however some smaller, more regional festivals are not. Each is unique and if you’re visiting Morocco while festival season is in swing it’s worth joining.

Map of Morocco Spring Festivals

Where else can you watch an Ultra Marathon through the Sahara Desert? The Sand Marathon takes place on April 14, 2014. Dubbed the toughest footrace on Earth, registrations open 2 years before the race and sell out in minutes. The race is spread out to six segments totaling over 150 miles and racers tent camp in local villages on the route.

RosesThe city of Kelaa M’gouna located between Skoura and Tinghir blossoms in early May for the Rose Festival. Hedgerows of bright pink cover the valley. The roses are harvested during the festival to be made into rose water, for cosmetics, and potpourri. A parade, vendor stalls selling handicrafts and food, and hand woven rose garlands are all up for sale.

This year the Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival is slated for June 12-15 and combines regional acts with world re-known artists. Over 500,000 people attended last year to watch performances on 10 different stages.The music is a fusion of African and Islamic influences and the atmosphere laid back. Enjoy the ocean, some delicious seafood, and amazing music!

Fez Sacred Music Festival

The 20th year of the Fez Sacred Music Festival will be held from June 13-21st, 2014. Dozens of performers will be on stages throughout the city. Sacred, spiritual, and world music all are on display as well as forums on topics relating to art, music, and culture. If you want to attend it’s best to make reservations as early as possible because hotels book up very quickly once dates are set.


cherry tree

Another festival that is off the beaten path occurs in mid-June in Sefrou, just a short drive from Fez.  The Sefrou Cherry Festival occurs over three days to celebrate the harvest. It includes a parade with musicians and floats. A cherry queen is crowned who then passes out cherries to attendees. If you’re in Fez for the music festival why not stop by Sefrou to see this unique celebration as well?

Visiting Morocco is always an amazing experience, and with so much going on in addition to the everyday sights and sounds you will be sure to have a vacation to remember. Our team of experienced guides and drivers not only get you point to point but can provide access that others may not. Contact us today to help plan your tour. 

Photos from: Serenae, Nathalier and profilerehab