10 Ways to Celebrate Your Honeymoon in Morocco

You’re getting ready to tie the knot but are still torn on where you should spend your honeymoon. A beach in Tahiti? A cabin in the remote woods of Canada? Hiking the Camino de Santiago? Why not pick a destination that can deliver everything? Where you’re asking. Why not honeymoon in Morocco? It is an excellent destination anytime of year to enjoy countless new experiences and bask in the honeymoon glow.

Luxury Camping

Luxury Camp in the Sahara

There’s nothing that says romance more than spending the night with a blanket of stars above. Enjoy traditional Berber music, campfires and authentic meals cooked over the hot coals. Take a camel ride or surf the sand dunes. Whatever you decide to do this experience will be one to talk about for years to come.

Strolling the Souks in Morocco

Stroll the Souks

If the city is more your style the souks of Morocco are calling! Watch craftsmen at work and pick out some items to bring home to decorate your home. Every city large and small has a souk or market selling everything from handicrafts to daily goods. Pick out fresh produce and enjoy a picnic in a park. Explore with a guide who will share the history and culture of the city and answer the questions you have about Moroccan life.

Ocean Waves in Morocco

Wake up to the Rolling Ocean Waves

Imagine waking up to the wind lightly blowing through your open window, and the sound of the waves crashing into the shore. Morocco has hundreds of miles of coastline dotted with dozens of towns large and small. Some favorite seaside locations include Asilah, Essaouaira, Agadir, and Mirleft. But don’t overlook the smaller cities. They may have fewer attractions but are great picks for couples who really just want to spend time together near the ocean.

Climb the Mountains of Morocco

Get Lost in the Mountains

If an active vacation is more your style, trekking the mountains of Morocco is an unparalleled experience. There are three major mountain ranges; the Rif Mountains, the Anti-Atlas Mountains, and the High Atlas Mountains. Each has its own challenges and unique features. The hardest decision might be deciding where you’ll go. However, don’t venture off alone. Always travel with a local guide who can help lead the way and ensure your safety.

Feast on Moroccan Food

Feast on Fabulous Food

Great food is a key component to a memorable honeymoon. In Morocco you’ll find a variety of dishes, some familiar and some more obscure but one thing is for sure, you’ll never be hungry. Take your breakfast en suite and enjoy dinners on the rooftop. Sit down and enjoy a multi-course traditional meal or duck into one of the many street food stalls for a local treat.

Cultural Treasures of Morocco

Experience Creative Cultural Explorations

While Morocco has surged forward many things have remained the same. You’ll still find traditional bread ovens baking bread for the neighborhood, and artisans preforming their craft in the same way their fathers and grandfathers did. Just walking the streets you’ll be privy to witnessing this work in action but with the assistance of a local guide you’ll be able to get even more access. Lunch with a family? A tour of a mosaic shop? Whatever interests you, it’s possible!

Women Making Beni Ourani Rug

Tap into Uncovered Treasures

The arts are alive and well in Morocco. Rug making is still done in traditional ways, as are ceramics and jewelry making. For anyone who appreciates and wants to see how it’s done, Morocco is a dream come true. There are even classes available where you can go hands-on and create a one of a kind treasure. What better souvenir to bring home from your honeymoon than something you’ve created together!

Live like Luxury

Enjoy the Royal Treatment

Moroccan riads are perhaps the greatest treasure the country has. A riad is a traditional style home. They are often multi-leveled with an open courtyard. For generations they served as family homes and while some still are, many others have been renovated as a bed and breakfast. In cities like Fez and Marrakesh riads are a welcome oasis from the hustle of the streets outside. Inside you can expect the royal treatment from amazing meals, private spa treatments, and much more. Just wish it and it can be true.

Get Back to Nature in Morocco

Get Back to Nature

Morocco has every opportunity to be immersed in nature. Mountains, desert, countryside, oasis’, valleys, oceans, and everything in between. It’s no wonder there’s so much to do. For the couple that loves to be outdoors or just like to have nature nearby take your pick, there’s a little bit of everything to be enjoyed.

Kick Back and Relax in Morocco

Kick Back and Relax

It’s your honeymoon after all! Sit back and enjoy your time together over a beautiful North African sunset.

Ready, Set, Go!

Whatever your dream honeymoon looks like, we can help you make it a reality. Start planning today by getting in touch with our experienced staff. We will help guide you through the planning process and create an experience you won’t forget!