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Today, Journey Beyond Travel is taking you off the beaten track to discover beautiful landscapes and incredible areas for a honeymoon that won’t be easily forgotten

Beach Lovers Morocco Honeymoon Destinations

If Your Love Of Each Other Is As Great As Your Love For The Beach

Imessouane (near Agadir)

Surf lovers and adventurous soulmates, this one is for you! Imessouane, is a lesser known spot for surfing. You are guaranteed great weather year round and miles of warm sand. You can rent a guesthouse and feel like you are the only two left in the world. For a real cozy stay right on the water, consider a guesthouse that is a converted fishing boat.


Mirleft is a village on the road from Agadir to the Sahara with incredible beaches for miles. Regardless of the season, the weather is sweet and surfing, fishing and paragliding are activities visitors enjoy most there. You can walk from one end to another in 30 minutes and wander through the souks for an immersion in the everyday life and pick up that perfect souvenir to take back home. Given its vibe, the village has been attracting people since the 70s. It’s maybe the best location for the lowest price. Mirleft will give the two of you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for as you start your life together.

Nature Lovers Morocco Honeymoon Destinations

If Your Love For Each Other Is As Great As Your Love For Nature

Bin El Ouidane (Beni Mellal)

Bin el Ouidan means between rivers, and this is exactly where you will find yourself. The landscape is mesmerizing and relaxing. Kayak, wakeboard, and visit of majestic Ouzoud Falls. This is the honeymoon for couples who want to get away from the city noise, get close to nature and unplug.

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Lake Lalla Takerkoust (near Marrakesh)

Does the sound of nature, long walks and energizing scenery appealing to you? Then Lake Lalla Takerkoust is the perfect spot for you. Just 30 minutes away from Marrakesh, this little piece of heaven is welcoming, energizing and romantic. Hiking and stand-up paddleboarding are among the activities that you can do for a fun honeymoon that promises to help you relax after a stressful wedding day. Take a day to enjoy the souks of Marrakesh.

Oases Lovers Morocco Honeymoon Destinations

If Your Love For Starry Nights and Sand Dunes Is As Great As Your Love For Each Other


What can beat the romance of sleeping under the desert night sky?

Answer: NOTHING!

In the small village of Merzouga, the door to the Sahara, you’ll find beautiful, authentic guesthouses ready to welcome you and your new spouse. You can consider spending a night in a bivouac (tentless camping) for a night. Stargaze, count shooting stars and sing “A Whole New World.” Hike atop Erg Chabbi, the highest sand dune in Morocco, to catch the sunset and make sure you grab that selfie on the camel ride back for the folks back home. Be sure to try the medfouna (bread filled with fillet and herbs and much more) — a specialty of the region that will satisfy even the most ravenous.


Nomadic story lovers, Zagora will answer your call. Caravans and merchants have walked through its halls for centuries, giving the town a traveling vibe that can be experienced and witnessed in the riads, guesthouses and even in the museum. Hike the second highest sand dune of the country, Erg Chigaga, approximately 60 miles away, and get a unique view where rock meets sand. Zagora is a great destination for the curious minds that wish to travel together in time, and sip a freshly squeezed orange juice around a pool nestled in a heavenly oasis.

Cultural Lovers Morocco Honeymoon Destinations

If Your Love For Culture Is As Great As Your Love For Each Other


You’ve heard so much about the wonderful Marrakesh and how a honeymoon there is a good idea. Well, there is a good reason for this — there are countless, 5-star, fairytale-like riads speckled throughout the old city. Pamper yourself in a Moroccan spa, meander ageless souks with their explosion of colors and flavors, experience the famed hospitality or Morocco and delve into garden oases. Marrakesh combines nearly everything one can experience in Morocco, topped with a picturesque sunset over the Menara gardens. The city will give you a honeymoon to remember and the best possible memories to take you away.


For a swash-buckling, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann-stylle romance, the former pirate city of Essaouira is here to welcome you with its inspiring ambience and its walls ringing with the rich, rythymic music of the Gnawa. The old city, tucked behind centuries-old fortifications, are filled with art galleries and boutique stores. Luxury accommodations abound so you can wake to the other type of music Essaouira is famous for, that of crashing waves and crying seagulls. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are renown activities given the windy nature of the city, just the thing for adventurous couples. Be sure to take a walk at sunset along the water. It’s the most  romantic scenery Essaouira has to offer. Just the thing for a breathtaking start to a long, beautiful journey together.

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