Legzira Beach and Rock Arch in Morocco hand-drawn illustration
Update: In September 2016, this iconic rock arch collapsed due to erosion. There is still an arch on the beach, but this one currently no longer exists.

Morocco is a country filled with beautiful hidden gems and Legzira Beach and Rock Arch are undoubtedly a part of this collection. Tucked away between the two small towns of Mirleft in southern Morocco and Sidi Ifni on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Legzira is known as one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Africa. Like its other Atlantic counterparts, the 8km of sandy coast are windy, rocky and expansive. But they also hold a unique charm.

Indeed, a beautifully sandy coastline isn’t particularly hard to come by in Morocco but what sets Legzira Beach apart are its two incredible mammoth stone arches. Naturally formed after decades of erosion, these sedimentary cliffs jut out onto the crashing waves linking the coastline and the seaside in an extraordinary way. Accessible during the low tide, the best time to catch the magnificence of this beach is during the sunset when the two cliffs turn an intense red color.

A Quiet Escape

Besides its stunning sea-worn natural rock archways, Legzira is also known for being a great location for a quiet getaway. Still very much undiscovered by the tourism industry, you will find just a couple of hotels and a few fairly new hostels and guesthouses near the beach that provide a friendly welcome. The secluded bay, however, is left untouched making it ideal for a relaxing stay.

If lying on a near-deserted beach doesn’t sound too appealing for you, however, be sure to note that Legzira is also frequently visited by lovers of the great outdoors. With the perfect wind conditions, this beach provides the ideal spot for wind-sport enthusiasts.

A Chance to Explore

When the sandy shores of Legzira get too quiet for you, there is also plenty to discover nearby. Just 10km away you can find the picturesque town of Sidi Ifni which was occupied by Spain until as recently as 1969. Here you will find the distinctive traces of Spanish architecture and culture are still very much alive and mix perfectly to create a unique atmosphere. You can walk among the blue-and-white painted walls of the town, admire its beautiful romantic Art Deco buildings and enjoy a relaxing evening watching the sunset on a quiet esplanade.

Mirleft, on the other hand, is one of Morocco’s most alluring (and hidden) beach towns. While it’s not as bustling as Essaouira or Tangier, it’s quaint vibe and tranquil beach coves are stupendous getaway spots for those who truly want to relax in the sun. You will rarely find women wandering through the town itself and the market held in the main square is where most of the locals purchase their goods and produce for their families. An oasis and a ruined fort nearby make for quite interesting daily excursions.

Getting to Legzira Rock Arch & Beyond

Essentially, finding Legzira isn’t all that hard. We have several routes in Morocco that can incorporate this lesser-visited region (including the red Rock Arch!). One of our personal favorites is takes you through the southern region of the Draa Valley, on a tour into Erg Chigaga, and then over to the coast of Mirleft and Sidi Ifni. If you’d like help in planning your adventure, send us an email. Otherwise, stay connected with us via our superb newsletter!

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