Do it Right: Morocco Luxury Travel - Riads
Morocco offers a unique blend of African and Middle Eastern exoticism yet is comfortably close to European capitals and surprisingly well-connected to long haul hubs. The arrival of globally renowned luxury hotel brands, the development of golfing and wellness tourism and the opening of destination shopping boutiques has made certain Moroccan cities such as Marrakech and Casablanca serious contenders in the luxury destination stakes. A spate of accolades – such as Marrakesh being voted Trip Advisor’s top worldwide destination in March 2015 – and celebrity endorsements (George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin had a Moroccan honeymoon; David Beckham celebrated his 40th birthday in Marrakesh), demonstrate that there has never been a better time to book your luxury vacation in Morocco!

Stay in luxury boutique riads or secluded getaways

Are you are looking for an upscale, all-inclusive weekend of pampering and chillaxing with a world-famous hotel brand or would you prefer something a little more unique? Either way, Morocco has it all. Whether you stay in an international resort, a boutique riad (renovated townhouse in an old medina) or a mighty mud-walled kasbah, you will be greeted with the famous Moroccan hospitality. Imagine sipping mint tea under the shelter of a gently swaying palm tree, or a cocktail beside the pool, and you’re already halfway here!

Pamper yourself in a Moroccan spa

Moroccan wellness techniques and hammams are world famous, not least since the boom in argan oil products has brought so-called “Berber gold” into every bathroom and beauty routine. Moroccans usually take a few hours out of every week to scrub themselves clean from tip to toe at a hammam (public bath), but you can treat yourself to a day of pampering and luxurious spa treatments at your hotel or at purpose-built wellness centers across the country. Alternatively, if yoga is your relaxation method of choice, you can take a private lesson or join a retreat in the mountain foothills or at the coast.

Take time out to commune with nature

Sunsets and Nature in Morocco |


The sheer diversity of Morocco’s geography offers plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal with nature – and often only a short drive from the main cities. Take a day away from your smartphone and e-mails high in the Atlas Mountains, which are easily accessible from Marrakesh. Or blow away the cobwebs on a deserted beach on the windswept Atlantic Coast at Essaouira or Oualidia. In several places around Fes, Marrakech or Essaouira it is also possible to trek on horse-back through the countryside and really feel like you are getting away from it all.

Sleep out under the stars in a luxury desert camp

Moroccan Desert Luxury |


Morocco is the most accessible location to mainland Europe where it is possible to experience the sheer vastness and silence of the desert. On camel-back or in a 4×4 vehicle, you can be taken to a luxury camp in the Sahara Desert, where you will experience traditional Moroccan cuisine and entertainment under huge starry skies. For early birds, the sunrise over the dunes is like nothing else on earth.

Go up, up and away!

To get a unique view of Morocco, take the chance to see it from the air, from up to 1000m above the ground, to be precise! Close to Marrakesh, it is possible to take a hot air balloon ride over the mountain, desert and city scenery to get a really memorable and truly breathtaking perspective on this magnificent country.

Indulge in exquisite Moroccan and international cuisine

Dining and Social Events in Morocco


An old saying suggests that the best Moroccan food is tasted in the home, but over recent years Morocco has experienced a culinary boom. Whether you want to try the traditional tajines, couscous, and salads which are staple to the Moroccan diet, or you would like to sample the best in international cuisine, Morocco has it all. With influences from African, Jewish, French, and Portuguese culinary traditions, Moroccan cuisine is a real melting pot of flavours. Dine in a Pasha’s former palace, in an ultra-modern restaurant, or in a beachfront shack – the choice is yours. And if you are curious enough to want to know how to create these culinary masterpieces yourself, book onto a cooking course, available in many locations.

As luxurious as you like it

Whether you want to blow the budget, treat a friend or loved one to an unforgettable experience, or simply want to inject a little luxury into your vacation, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the finer things in life in Morocco. Get in touch to discuss a sample itinerary that we can help you arrange!