Morocco is an enchanting place that soothes the soul, arouses the senses and takes one to distant places only dreamed of in books and movies. Ancient lifestyles are preserved in old towns that offer up quaint little shops that fill front windows with bags of spices, dates and dried fruits. Across the street, the clatter of ceramic can be heard as a potter brings a bowl from a ball of clay to a bowl. Dining establishments are found in the same area as these craft stores offering up some of the most delectable Morocco cuisine.

Weary travelers can pick from a host of hotels, courtyard palaces and riads. Each pays architectural homage to the Moroccan culture with stained glass and mosaic tile designs. A step inside one of the luxury hotels reveals a whole new world. Majestic arches and columns grace the lobby area with exquisite Berber rugs covering the floors.

Where You’ll Find Morocco Accommodation


The enchanting capital city of Fez is home to the oldest university in Morocco. Undoubtedly the largest medieval city the world over, there are hints of the 21st century scattered about; but, for the most part, this magical city has yet to change its long way of life.

One such modern convenience dappled amongst the never-changing is the luxurious La Maison Bleu hotel. As guests make their way through the front door, instant welcoming into the infamous Fassi family greets them on the other side. Room accommodations are nothing short of luxury. Each floor contains five deluxe rooms and one single room with all the comforts of home. There’s a telephone, television, internet, air conditioning and mini bar.

The hotel also sports a full repository library. The collection of books and letters found here will mesmorize guests. Visit the rooftop for a stunning birds-eye view of the vibrant city of Fez below. As night falls, the hotel pulls out all the stops to make guests feel like royalty. Waiters clothed in pantaloons and babouches serve some of the finest cuisine found in Morocco. Menu selections include luscious lamb tagines, oranges with cinnamon and mint tea. The evening meal is served in a candle light salon.


Venture into Marrakesh for accommodations as luxurious as the natural surroundings of this great city. Staying at Amanjena is as close as a guest will come to knowing what it feels like to stay in a royal castle. The Hight Atlas Mountains serve as a stunning backdrop to the hotel that takes guests by the hand and leads them into a world where luxury knows no boundaries.

The Amanjean consists of 32 brightly colored pavilion rooms that provide all the comforts of home. Each room contains light dimmer switches so that guests can raise or lower the lighting to create just the right personal sense of tranquility. There are wood burning fire places in each room as well. Eight of the rooms also feature a private (small) pool.

When not in the room, guests can enjoy steam rooms and whirlpool amenities found in the health and beauty center. Here, guests are welcome to indulge in an essential oil soothing massage in rooms accented with incense, rose petals and mint tea. Physical activities provided by the Amanjena are endless. Guests have tennis, golf, hiking and any other activity imaginable to partake in and around the city.

High Atlas Mountains

After a day spent trekking the High Atlas Mountains or trekking ait bougmez valley, an exhausted guest deserves a little luxurious pampering. The perfect accommodation to provide this is Kasbah Tamadot. This piece of relaxation heaven is tucked away in the mountainside ready to greet guests at the bottom of the High Atlas Mountains.

Accommodations consist of ten regular rooms and eight suites. One suite includes a private pool for personal relaxation and another includes three bedrooms as a master suite. Architectural designs found around the hotel include lavish staircases and vibrant flower gardens.

Outside of room accommodations, guests are treated to services such as a full scale spa or fitness gym. Enjoy the Moroccan sunshine in an infinity pool that seemingly drops off right into the mountains. Day excursions for horse riding, hot air balloons, and treks through the mountain and surrounding natural trails are also available.


The small yet vibrant town of Essaouira offers a little bit of luxury in the Sofitel Thalassa Essaouira accommodations. Some Essaouira tours take you here. On display are the architectural stunning lemon wood cabinets that blanket hotel hallways and private rooms. Warm colors mix with hand crafted woodworking accents to give the feel of residing in tranquility. Each guest room provides picturesque views of the ocean, the bustling town or the exotic garden courtyard.

The cuisine selections available at the hotel’s restaurants include some of the most delectable creations in Morocco. Guests may chose from the fresh seafood catch of the day as well as international or French cuisine.

Regardless of the destination point in Morocco, luxury can be found around virtually every corner in this charming, energetic country. One just needs to know where to look, what cities to travel to and which hotels to stay in. Your Morocco Tour Operator can help you with all the often (out of country) logistics.

By Sam Mitchell