Marrakesh, Morocco, is the embodiment of all the magic and wonder people look for through traveling. One of the most unique ways to truly lose oneself in all the beauty of this land is through a customized Morocco tour, which takes in Marrakech and the rest and best Morocco has to offer. Many of the Morocco tour operators in and around Morocco have private guided tours included on their list of services.

A private guided tour through Marrakesh, Morocco, begins with a warm greeting by a private driver. After a few moments of introductions, this driver makes one feel as if they have been a part of their family for years. This is a taste of the warmth and hospitality Marrakesh people provide foreign visitors. The city is blanketed with a vibrant mixture of pink buildings and orange groves. Each one showing signs of weathering the storms of ancient times.

Travelers are then taken to an upscale accommodation for their first night stay in Marrakesh. Accommodation settings range from historical Moroccan riads to private palaces that have since been refurbished and made available to the public. Mixed in between these selections are traditional Moroccan hotels bearing architectural designs of Moorish ancestors.

Wake up to the beautiful Moroccan sun shining outside and get ready for an unforgettable day in Marrakesh. The day starts with a delicious Moroccan breakfast at either the hotel’s dining facilities or one of the many quaint cafes that line the streets of Marrakesh. The private tour guide will readily provide information on both dining options as the day gets started for your Morocco holiday.

After a fabulous breakfast, let the private tour guide lead the way towards the charming local souks. Spend countless hours browsing the many hand crafted items for sale ranging from authentic Moroccan woven rugs to tapestries constructed from the finest silks available. The tour continues onward to the ancient palaces and botanical gardens that are the hidden gems of any Marrakesh holiday.

Among the palaces that the tour guide will visit is the Palais de la Bahia; the Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Arts and Mellah or Jewish Quarters. (Morocco Jewish History–click here) Make sure to stop at the picturesque Jardin Menara that offers travelers a beautiful reflection pool nestled among olive tree groves. Private tour guides will show travelers some of Marrakesh’s historical sites that are situated throughout this capital city.

With some of Marrakesh’s fabulous sights covered, the private tour guide will lead travelers towards some tranquil time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. One such place that will provide this environment is the Majorelle Gardens. This majestic botanical garden is the creation of French painter Jacques Marjorelle in the 1920s time period. A present day keeper of this beautiful land is Yves St. Laurent.

Another tranquil escape offered is a traditional hamman or steam bath facility. Here travelers can relax and unwind among true Moroccan residents. Hammans are a popular gathering spot for local residents to meet and share reflections on the day. It is similar to a bar or pub setting often used for social gatherings in other countries.

Private tour guides are skilled in what parts of Marrakesh can make a client’s dreams come true. This can include arranging for a private culinary lesson from some of the top chefs in Morocco or a golf lesson from world class golf professionals. These private Morocco Tour guides are often residents of Marrakesh themselves. This allows for a secret look at the region from the viewpoint of a local resident. Travelers are given inside look at portions of the city that outside travel agencies are unaware of being in existence.

These Customized Morocco Tours go to great lengths to ensure travelers are placed in top notch accommodations during their stays in Marrakesh. Examples of hotels and riads available include Riad El Assafir or Riad Bahja. Exact accommodations depend on the individual travel guide preferences. Travelers most certainly have a say in where the accommodations are made. In the event there is a particular place a traveler would like to stay, every effort will be made to see that those accommodations are made available.

The cost of a private guided tour through Marrakesh varies depending on the individual services offered up by the various travel guide companies. Prices are based on a minimum party of two individuals and average a. Morocco Tour guide companies are willing to accommodate any size budget request to ensure that no financial strain is placed on the fabulous opportunity of receiving a private look at Marrakesh.

In addition to accommodations, prices for private guided tours of Marrakesh generally include transportation costs, entrance fees to museums and other attractions, two meals a day and applicable taxes for the tour. Though, this can be included or not included in the total price depending on your private tour options.

All Marrakesh private tours are conducted with English speaking guides who are familiar with the area. Travelers will be taken to intricate off the beat places of Morocco to experience first hand what life in Morocco is truly like. At no time during the tour will the private guide leave the traveling party. Guided tours are intended to give foreign visitors a unique look at Marrakesh from the eyes of true residents as opposed to an outside travel company that would only hit the popular tourist melting spots.

by Sam Mitchell