A Flowing Spring

A Flowing Spring

Have you recently said: “…part of my next holiday abroad will include a trek.”? Travelers with a sense of adventure find Trekking M’Goun to be a must, an escape from the Toubkal throngs. M’Goun is in the Ait Bougmez valley within the High Atlas mountains. The region is largely unmapped and unknown to outsiders, so a trek here uncovers some of the “real” morocco.  

Hidden throughout the Ait Bougmez valley are Berber villages, Barbary Monkeys, and other wildlife to make the experience even more captivating. An Ait Bougmez trek is limited to the summer months between May to October, when the snow has melted at the summits. The weather in this area is less than ideal at the other times of the year, and trekking here can become hazardous.   

Morocco tours to M’Goun vary widely in the number of days. There are some treks which take three days while others can last for over seven. One in particular that you might enjoy takes you from Agouti to M’Goun before ending at the Ait Imi Spring. The particular trip takes six days and five nights. There are four to six hours of trekking a day, with a 10 hour car ride. The car ride takes you from Marrakesh to Agouti and back on the sixth day.  

Day one begins with the drive to Agouti where you will begin trekking High Atlas Mountains towards the M’Goun Valley. You will reach Azibnikis on the first day.  This is 2200 meters above sea level. Day two is filled with trekking to Targdit Col where you will have lunch. As you trek on day two you will be hiking up in the morning to 3450 meters.  After lunch you descend to 2900 meters as you reach the Targdit Plateau for your evening gite or campsite stay. 

The plateau is close to a village, where you may relax for the evening before the trek the next day.  Day three brings you to the 4068 meter peak of M’Goun.  To hike to the summit you will need five hours following zigzag paths behind the mules.  If you wish to hike to Oulilimit Springs which is at 2600 meters you will need to hike for eight hours. If set up as a Morocco eco tour, your family will be closer and tired, but build memories of a superb journey.  
The Oulilimit Springs are a wonderful respite for the evening if you have the energy to hike farther.  If not you will have to wait until morning.  From Oulilimit you will trek to Tighremet Nait Ahmed, which is located at 2300 meters.  You will travel through the Afelfal springs. The evening will be spent at an old lodge.  You can take cover in the lodge which is no longer in use or camp under a tent.  

Tighremet Nait Ahmed will lead you to Tizi Mait Imi at 2900 meters before you reach the Ait Imi Spring at 1900 meters.  There is a reservoir in the area allowing you to cool down, relax and visit the Sidi Moussa Shrine as you make Timit for the evening.  The last day will take you back to Marrakesh, but if you wish for a custom Morocco holiday you may stop at the Ouzoud Waterfall on your way back.

by Sam Mitchell

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