MHamid brings a quieter pace of life to Morocco. It is nestled in the Zagora region just past the Draa Valley and is one of the starting points of the famed Sahara desert. Although travel to this small town is an adventure in itself, many tourists still make the trip. This is due in large part to the picturesque views that are afforded by the Sahara desert and surrounding High Atlas Mountains ranges. Vibrant Marrakech is approximately seven to eight hours of travel time from this small secluded area.

Things to Do in Zagora & Mhamid

Bordering the Sahara desert affords MHamid the opportunity to offer a variety of things to see and do while on a trip to Morocco. Foreign travelers can select from Sahara desert tours riding atop a camel, soaring in a 4×4 cross road vehicle, motorcycle, quad or mountain. These desert tours can be taken overnight or span the course of several days. It all depends on the adventure that you want.

Along the way to the Sahara desert, travelers will be exposed to a variety of sights and sounds that are sure to captivate. Gain an inside look into authentic Moroccan living as you step through time through various Berber villages. Grasp a piece of Moroccan history with a stop at a Kasbah. At the end of the day, set up camp for an unforgettable overnight stay in the majestic Sahara Desert region of Erg Chigaga just south of Mhamid.

Another great way to see the Sahara desert is via a quad bike or buggy transportation system. These methods of transportation are ideally suited for short hourly trips in the surrounding area. There are a select few guided tour companies that make quad bikes and buggies available for a trip that will span the course of two to three days. Quad bikes can only accommodate a single rider while buggies can accommodate up to two riders at a time.

Accommodations in Erg Chigaga, Zagora, and Mhamid

MHamid near Erg Chigaga is typically not accustomed to providing the luxurious accommodations that can be found in other cities such as Marrakech and Fez. That does not mean there is no place to stay while on a Morocco holiday here.

For a little piece of tradition, travelers can elect to stay at Dar Sidi Bounou. This accommodation resides at the end of a paved road in the village. Guests here will delight in finding peace and serenity in renovated rooms with the Sahara desert close at hand. Staying true to authentic architectural structures and historical attributes, renovations were completed without touching these elements. Instead, modern amenities were added creating a nice mixture of an old daub house with all the modern comforts of home. Accommodation prices are affordable by a single traveler or group alike.

Another great accommodation selection is Dar Azawad that resides just outside the village limits of M’Hamid. Moroccan features are present in decor, cuisine selections and gift shops. Guest accommodations mirror authentic Berber tents and Kasbahs. Settings such as these give guests a sense of what living in the Sahara desert is really all about.

Other amenities of the hotel include a swimming pool. Guests will find this amenity to be a slice of heaven after an adventurous day exploring the Sahara Desert. The on-site gift shop is duty free too. Here, guests can find trinkets and treasures of authentic Moroccan souvenirs that make perfect mementos of any Morocco trip. It is also a great place for finding that perfect gift for someone who was unable to share in the adventure that the slightly undiscovered area of M’Hamid offers.

The last accommodation available in MHamid is basic yet luxurious at the same time. Hotel Sahara is the plainest of the available accommodations available in the small village. There are no fancy dining establishments or lavish duty-free gift shops available. After several days spent trekking the Sahara desert on a camel, these things will be unimportant. It is the smaller things that make the difference in this hotel. The hot shower and comfortable bed will seem like heaven to weary travelers at the end of the day.

M’Hamid does not have the vibrant action of other Moroccan cities to offer holiday travelers. In the place of those attributes, the quaint village offers a breathtaking gateway to the famed Sahara. Travel this vast region atop a camel, soaring on a motorbike or venturing out in a quad bike, cycle or buggy. Regardless of the method of transportation, the sights and sounds explored will be unforgettable.

by Sam Mitchell