Camping in Morocco in many ways will not be that different to camping anywhere else, but a night under the stars of northern Africa will certainly be unique.

One of the most inexpensive and arguably one of the most immersive ways to experience the sights and sounds of a region, may be by camping there. Camping can provide you with a laid-back and leisurely way to spend a vacation or extended holiday. Besides, what better way is there to get out away from all the people you left behind?

A useful reference in your camping compendium is Camping Morocco, an english guidebook dedicated to camping in Morocco from UK publishing company Vicarious Books, combines a list of inspected campsites with recommended surf spots.

There are plenty of picturesque sites scattered across the country that you can experience irrespective of whether you’re traveling in a small part of the country or crisscrossing many regions. You’re sure to find a great locale to explore.

If you prefer to get lost in the Moroccan wilderness, you can choose from a variety of remote camping sites available at budget-friendly costs. How you reach these sites is largely determined by what region you’re drawn towards. If you like scenic mountain views while trekking the Atlas, for example, and you love to stay active, you might indulge on a jaunt into the foothills in the winter. Or, journey much higher in altitude in the summer and fall months. Land Rovers and other vehicle transportation can only take you so far before you have to start hiking!

The High Atlas Mountains are full of trails and tiny villages that don’t appear on official maps. Many tourists choose to travel with a Morocco tour operator, although many used to trekking in various parts of the world might venture off by themselves. Along the way, boarding in a villager’s home is always an option. This sort of travel experience means that you will be immersed in the local Berber culture as well able to absorb natural beauty of the region.

The rich varieties of wildlife you encounter traveling through the High Atlas country of Morocco include a few rare treats. The landscape proffers flowing rivers, plentiful food supplies, and scant forests that offer a haven to woodland creatures.

There are numerous natural parks and bio reserves you might like to visit while touring Morocco, among other locales that may offer you enjoyable glimpses of most of the country delightful birds and other wildlife.

Other regions, like the Anti Atlas, offer cost-conscious travelers some cheap amusements like white water rafting down river with stops at campsites and villages along the way. If you want more accessible camping experiences, the Rif Mountains and the coastal regions of Morocco offer destinations more easily reached by regular vehicle.

Due to the popularity of camping in Morocco, there are a host of budget campsites that are clean and well-maintained, although they do not have all the amenities you may like. On the other hand, you may rather go to those sites near the cities or official camping sites in Moroccan nature parks. There you will find hot showers, public car parks, electrical hook ups, swimming pools, and much more. It is not uncommon to find more commercialized sites near the coasts that offer telephone, internet, and laundry services as well as grocery stores and restaurants within easy walking distance. he question of how much you wish to spend for these extras may determine what sites you explore.

Lost-cost and budget campsites may be found in proximity to cities and cultural centers. You may have to do a bit of research to find the right one for you. In places like Fez, you might leave a camp to visit the handicraft stalls in the Medina or wait for the weekly souqs. For those who only want a taste of nature, staying close to a city leaves many entertainment options on the table. It all depends on what you would like to spend.

Some of the more popular campsites in the country include Agadir, Amazigh, Essaouira, and of course a night under the stars during a Sahara Desert Morocco Holiday.