Out in the African country of Morocco, you can find horses of every color. Horses have been an important part of the history from the Berbers who came before the Phoenicians or Romans, up to modern times. One of the most awe inspiring sights you will see on your Moroccan adventure is the Berbers mounted on their steeds. These beautiful horses seem to float across the sea-ike deserts of Morocco. These Barb and Arab horses are bred to be hardy and surefooted in the harsh conditions found in Morocco, including the weather. Horse lovers from around the world are fascinated by these wonderful horses. If you’d like your all inclusive holiday to Morocco to include something with a horse, then read on, won’t ya?

You can book a Moroccan holiday that takes you riding through the High Atlas Mountains. You will gallop through rural villages, rustic landscapes and luxurious tents as part of an experience you will not soon forget. You will find yourself thinking you have escaped into the past when you see the breathtaking views in the mountains. High valleys splashed with green from being fed by rivers. Villages seemingly attached to the mountain sides above orchards of almonds and palm groves. The deserts give you another thrilling, unforgettable ride.

A horse riding holiday gives you a chance to explore Morocco like you would never get to do any other way. Plus, you will get to experience the culture of the Berber people. You will have the opportunity to visit Berber villages and see first hand how these people live. Not only are the Berbers wonderful hosts and great cooks, they have been breeding horses since they arrived in Morocco many millennia ago. You will get to experience horse breeds that are the forerunners of most the horse breeds in the world today.

Plan your Moroccan trips for October and take part in the Tissa Horse Festival. You will be treated to a sight that appears to have stepped right out of history books. White tents dot the country side around the village of Tissa. It appears that a settlement of old has been resurrected. Horse breeders from far away places come to show off their steeds. Contests are held to show off the horses attributes. Parades are held. You will get to see the pride that Moroccans have for their horses. You will not see a western suit among the many participants as the age old clothing is the norm during this time.

While there is other breeds, most of what you will see are the very best in Barb horses and Arabian horses. Both of which are ancient breeds. Moroccan Barb horses, for example, are thought to be a foundation horse for more modern breeds. It may have had its roots in horses that survived the Ice Age. While not as beautiful to look at as the Arabian breed, it has stamina and agility that is not matched by any others. Barb horses are considered among the best of saddle horses. Ridden by the Berber horsemen, these horses were instrumental in the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and spread of Islam.

Another popular breed found at the Tissa Horse Festival and all around Morocco is the Arabian horse. According to myth, Allah created the Arabian breed from a handful of South wind…Allah gave the Arabian horse its name and power of flight without wings. The Arabian Horse was conditioned by its desert environment. Arabians are considered the purest of breeds. These wonderful mounts are known for their beauty, elegance and have great endurance. Either kind of horse will be suitable for your Moroccan holiday. No matter if you go to Morocco for a horse riding holiday or it is part of an adventure that takes you to all the exciting places, you will have a vacation that will be the envy of everyone.

Marrakech and Fez will take you back in time when you experience the souqs and medinas that have not changed since the medieval times. You can visit ancient cities where Roman ruins still stand. Mosques and minarets still call the faithful to prayer. Visit the laid back towns along the coast such as Essouria, dusty citadels and kashbahs, then meet up with your horse riding group and continue the Moroccan adventure. Make sure that you consult your Moroccan tour operator or tour to plan your wonderful Moroccan family holiday. Be sure and bring your camera, because you will get to go places on horse back that you cannot go by car. Touring by horseback is one vacation that you will not soon forget.

By Carole Morris