Morocco is unquestionably both a photographic destination and a great place to flex your walking and trekking muscles – Photographer Charley Tuffey decided to do both, and has shared with Journey Beyond Travel both the journey and the visual inspiration, along with some perfectly framed photos taken en-route during a recent visit that started in Marrakesh, then headed up into the mountains for lunch in the shadow of Mount Toubkal, included quad biking in the Agafay Desert before winding back down to the medina and markets of the Red City.

In Pictures: Marrakesh

picture taken in marrakeshwalking through the meddina in marrakesh with plants and banners overhead

DAY ONE: After checking into our hotel and dropping our bags off, we wandered out for a gentle walk around the city to take a look at where we were. Our senses were smothered, noise from the streets of mopeds, cars, horse drawn carriages and donkeys carrying loads on their backs, our noses filled with the aromas of sweet Moroccan spices.

We eagerly made our way to the souks – the heart of the Marrakech medina. Beautiful, vibrant colors all around, people, jewellery, bags, slippers, clothing, lanterns, spices, silver trinkets… the list goes on. We engaged, we joked, we laughed and we learnt from everyone we spoke to.

In Pictures: The Atlas Mountains

picture taken of roadside view climbing up into the atlas mountains of morocco

DAY TWO: The Atlas mountain range – wow! We’d booked a tour through the Atlas Mountains, guided by Mohammed, a local Berber who was able to share with us so much about the local history and culture. After a stop for breakfast we drove into the mountains for a short hike. Engulfed in the stunning views, I was lucky I’d charged my spare battery for my camera- I couldn’t stop snapping!

Our tour guide Mohammed lives in this mountain range with his family, so we were able to stop for lunch at his mother’s house, where she’d prepared the most breathtaking homemade feast for us all. What better meal to have than a homemade traditional tagine with couscous and salad? I think it’s easy to say, that this was the best meal I’d ever had, not only filled with flavor, but full of both culture and love. Around the table were six different nationalities; we shared and listened to each other’s stories as we gazed upon the view of the mountains in the Toubkal National Park.

In Pictures: Faces of Morocco

silver berber jewellery in the atlas mountains

I’m certain I’m not alone in saying that one of the best things about traveling to other countries, is observing the  difference in people, buildings, colors and styles.

morocco in pictures showing a roadside cafe cooking a tagine on the way up the atlas mountains

men working in the street in a Moroccan mountain village with mount toubkal above

This last shot is so special to me; encompassing both local people, a typical mode of transport, their stunning buildings, and of course, the Atlas Mountains – a small insight into day to day life in the mountains of Morocco.

DAY THREE: Our third and final day came around so quickly that we were already looking at flight prices to come back as soon as we could! We spent our last hours in Marrakesh admiring, wandering and snapping photos – it’s impossible not to! It was such a pleasure to be indulged in a culture with so many strong differences to my own. Traveling is the best type of education…

Morocco in pictures photographer Charley TuffeyWords and Photographs: Charley Tuffey – Charley is a freelance photographer currently living and exploring the UK for the next few months. When she’s not taking photos she’s climbing mountains, meditating and spending time in her allotment.

Edited by: Pauline de Villiers Brettell – Tea in Tangier