Kik Plateau, Morocco

Kik Plateau, Morocco

Trekking Morocco is an experience you will never forget. There are many destinations in Morocco, but the High Atlas Mountains are perhaps the most exceptional.  From summits reaching over 4000 meters to plateaus half that size, you have several choices in trekking the Atlas.  Kik Plateau can be recognized by its rocky outcropping and unique place upon Morocco’s topography.

Kik Plateau is in the Asni region of the High Atlas Mountains.  To reach the plateau, consider a two or three day trekking experience.  The Kik Plateau is a six to eight hour hike from the beginning of the trail.  With a custom Morocco holiday you can take one day to hike up to the plateau, spend a day in the area, and then hike back the next day.  Longer trekking tours of the Kik plateau are also available.

What wonders, you may ask, could the Kik plateau offer up?  The heavily wooded slopes of Asni give way to the limestone Kik plateau.  The most stunning time of the year to travel to the plateau is during the spring when runoff from the higher mountains feeds the flora and fauna below.  Blossoming alpine flowers canvass the area in a spectacular array.  From the top of the plateau you will view the valley below, which is stunning and exceptionally beautiful during the rainy season.

You have a choice to begin your trekking experience from Asni.  You will want to follow the Tizi-n-Test Road until you reach the trail head.  It is best to have a tour operator book a tour guide that can accompany you.  Many regions in Morocco such as Asni are largely uncharted.  Tour operators provide the necessary information, manpower, knowledge and even mules to help on your trek.

While on your trekking excursion you could stop at Moulay Brahim.  Moulay Brahim is a local village.  The village overshadows the gorges leading up from the lower regions.  This area is a wonderful place to stop and engage in conversation or soak up the local culture.  For anthropologists, this view of a Berber village is spectacular.  It is also wonderful for anyone who appreciates a different culture from their own.

Moulay Brahim is most popular for Marrakesh visitors, residents, and trekkers.  The village provides a perfect stopping point for your first night in the Atlas region.  There are several hotels in the town if you need a place to stay, or you can camp at certain places. There are many great eating locations as well as transportation.

There is another alternative path to the Kik plateau region.  The path is further along the Tizi-n-Test pass.  Ourigane is another village of the region, which leads you into the heart of the salt mines.  There are a number of passes you must take in order to reach this region.  Within this area is the Nfis River, which you must follow to get to Ourigane.

From the plateau you can also reach the reservoir called Lalla Takerkoust. The path will eventually take you back to a main road in the Asni region.  Throughout this trekking Morocco experience you will discover valleys, gorges, salt mines, and many other places of interest.  Do not forget to look for wildlife on your Morocco tour.

by Sam Mitchell