Morocco Skydiving 101

Morocco skydivingMorocco is known for its rock climbing and trekking, but when most people think of adventure activities in Morocco, skydiving doesn’t normally come to mind. But, for a place lush in beautiful scenery over the Central High Atlas, what better way to view the landscape than on a Morocco tour put together by experts that takes you thousands of feet up? Even though Morocco is lined with mountain peaks, it also has many wide-open spaces—making for a great drop-zone. Skydiving is a relatively new sport in the country, however, like many adventure sports, its popularity is picking up speed.

There are two major skydiving schools in Morocco to consider while making your travel plans. Located a short distance from Marrakech is the Beni Mellal Flying Club (PACMA), which offers a full-day experience for adventure seekers. Whether you’ve jumped many times or this will be your first experience, the PACMA team is ready to make your Moroccan skydiving experience memorable. Everyone that is interested in jumping must undergo a medical examination and then an introduction briefing. (more…)