Whitewater Rafting in Morocco

whitewater rafting moroccoIf you are looking to give your feet a break on your next trip to Morocco, consider finding a reputable whitewater rafting company. Day trips are possible but you also have to opportunity to float for a few days, which allows you to experience a great camping experience as well. One of the most popular places to begin a whitewater rafting trip is from the Middle Atlas Mountains on the Ahanssel River. The area is remote, but knowledgeable guides and warm weather make it easy to get used to the isolation.

Journey Beyond Travel is one of the more reputable tour companies on the water who can customize trips and combination packages that mix time on the water with a trek in the mountains of Morocco. For the most part, these trips are reasonably priced and family friendly. While you are on the river, all meals will be provided so you only need to bring your clothing and other personal items. (more…)

Outdoor Activities Abound in Morocco

The splendid landscapes of Morocco provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. There is no better way to dive into the crystal blue ocean waters than grabbing a surfboard and catching a wave in Essaouirra or Agadir. For those that like a bit of a challenge, Morocco offers up vast mountain ranges like the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, which are perfect for a day or multi-day hike outing. If you’re more of a spectator, then there is a world of motor sport racing. (more…)