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Visiting Morocco’s Neighboring Countries

Visiting Morocco’s Neighboring Countries

Many visitors fly into Morocco perhaps not even aware that travel to and from Morocco’s neighboring countries is possible! Anyone can easily extend their visits to include Spain, the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the UK exclave of Gibraltar, or even the Canary Islands. Though travel to Mauritania and the disputed Moroccan territory Western Sahara takes more planning, and considerable caution, adventurous travelers can even add these stops to their Morocco itinerary. (more…)

Traveling in Morocco’s Deep South

Sahara Desert MoroccoAmong Morocco’s most iconic destinations, traveling to the Sahara Desert of Morocco is among Morocco’s iconic things to do. Most travelers who visit the Sahara opt for an experience among the Erg Chebbi dunes in eastern Morocco. Near Erfoud and Merzouga, travelers tend to start this excursion from Marrakech or Fes.

If you’re an adventurous traveler who wishes to see less traveled parts of the Sahara, consider wandering further south to the Erg Chigaga dunes, south of Zagora and Tagounite. In both areas, you can create a classic desert experience by hiking the dunes, riding a camel, eating local food, sand boarding, camping and star gazing. (more…)