More Than Just a Buzz: A Guide to Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen is a beautiful town that should be a mandatory visit for the first time Morocco traveler.It is also one of those locations that might have appeared in one of an increasingly unlikely Cheech and Chong movie from the late seventies. The reason for this is that Chefchaouen is Morocco’s leading producer of cannabis. Much of the farmable soil won’t grow much else, but cannabis grows in abundance and has made itself such an intrinsic part of the city’s life that no one gives it much of a second glance. You might very well see cannabis being sold in an open stand right in between the vegetables and the herbs.

The hashish factor alone makes Chefchaouen a great attraction for a large numbers of tourists. But travelers not interested in this aspect of Chefchaouen would still do themselves a major disservice by skipping this city. While cannabis is a part of every day city life here, that is not an accurate description of what the city’s about. (more…)