Casablanca: A More Modern Morocco

The city of Casablanca was immortalized in the movie of the same name staring Humphrey Bogart. It was actually established in 1906 and had a population of approximately 20,000 people. Today, the city boasts a population of over 4 million and, as the heart and soul of Morocco, it resembles a Southern European city more than the rest of the cities in the country itself. The city is probably the most liberal and progressive of all of Morocco’s cities and it’s not uncommon to see young women clad in designer labels and men sporting suit, ties and briefcases. (more…)

Casablanca, Morocco Day Trips: Out & About (Part II)

On the Sale side of the estuary, it seems that time has been forgotten. It still carries some practices from earlier eras. Sale is a walled city. Central to life is the Grand Mosque and medersa, built in the 1300s. The Mosque itself is closed to non-muslims but the medersa is open to visitors as a museum. Near the back of the Grand Mosque is a shrine to Sufi, Zawiya of Sidi Abdallah ibn Hassoun, patron saint of Sale. The most interesting excursions would be the Souq-el-Ghezel or wool market. Your Morocco tour operator can advise you best on where to go and what to expect. (more…)

Tangiers and Casablanca: Two Unique Moroccan Cities

Morocco has always held some mystery for travelers. This part of North Africa bridges mainland Europe and the African continent, though separated slightly by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. With the Atlantic Coast thousands of miles long and the Sahara thousands of miles across, Morocco has many different prospects of topography and offers a complete and unique experience for each individual traveler. (more…)