Medeterranean Coastline Culture of Morocco


The Mediterranean coastline of Morocco is from Ceuta to Melilla, which includes the red and rocky Rif Mountains. The Rif Mountains are a vibrant green juxtaposed agaisnt the red earth of the land.  They present some easy day treks or longer over night treks into the forests where cascades and wildlife reside. Many consider the coastline to look wildly savage.  The waters of the Mediterranean tend to be rough and difficult for swimming. Chefchauen is the main city in the Rif Mountains, known as one of the main starting points for most Morocco treks this far north. (more…)

Morocco Chefchaouen Trekking

Chefchaouen is a rustic village that depicts authentic Moroccan living at its best, and is also the perfect starting point for some trekking through the Moroccan countryside. Historical attributes blanket the village at virtually every turn. Spend some time getting to know the locals over a relaxing soak in the Hammam. Stroll though the picturesque botanical gardens that are housed on the grounds of the famed Kasbah. Take in some culture at the museum and art gallery also located on the property grounds. Though Chefchaouen is painted over with a hue of blue, you’ll find nothing to keep you blue here. (more…)

Hiking & Trekking: Abound & Abundant Morocco (Part I)

The Rif Mountains (Part I):

Near the once prized Spanish enclave of Chefchaouen lies some of Morocco’s best and most hush-hush hiking and trekking in Morocco. Undulating trails pass through gorges, valleys, cedar and fir forests, over hills, mountains and peaks (reminiscent of a children’s rhyme, don’t you think?). Since this surrounding area receives fewer hikers than Mt. Toubkal in the High Atlas or Ait Bougmez, you’ll want to bring your own sleeping bag, mat and tent. If you plan on hiring a guide, bring as many supplies as you like, as mules (when available) will bear the backbreaking burden. (more…)