The Heartbeat of Rabat – A Walk Through the Sights

Rabat Kasbah LaneI lean on a wall at Café Maure in the Kasbah of Rabat, looking across the river to Salé, Rabat’s smaller twin which took its name from the Sallee Rovers, pirates who terrorised the Atlantic shores as far as the south coast of England. Today there is only one boat with a single occupant sat on the flat water of a heavy grey day, without a single ray of sunshine to lighten the sky or a breath of air to disturb the river’s surface. Around me, a young man lays out cushions on the bench seating that follows the line of the wall, ready for another day of mint teas, honeyed pastries, tajines, and couscous. While we all love bright blue skies and white fluffy clouds, especially on holiday, a day like today can make you pull in the horns of sightseeing, and simply enjoy what the day brings.


Morocco Travel for the Cosmopolitan Visitor

morocco restaurant clubDoes your ideal vacation prioritize art galleries and architecture over adventure? Would you rather sip cocktails than scale sand dunes? Does your travel itinerary look better with art deco-style buildings, museums and discos? Then Morocco is calling you.


Travelers have long ignored Casablanca in favor of more exotic locales, but what the city lacks in Islamic monuments and labyrinthine souks, it makes up for in its dizzying nightlife, a burgeoning art scene and a hodgepodge of architectural styles. Casablanca’s inhabitants, known as Casablancais, are known for being more Western in their attitudes. You can find men and women together in restaurants and bars dressed up in the latest global trends.

In the 1930s, art deco style was all the rage in Paris and New York, famously represented by the Paris Métro and New York’s Chrysler Building. The style caught on in Casablanca, and you can see some of the many art deco buildings in the Place Mohammed V and Place 16 Novembre. Galleries abound, featuring both Moroccan and international artists, including Le Studio des Arts Vivants, Galerie Atelier 21 and Loft Gallery, along with Amber Gallery, located in the high-end suburb of Mohammedia. The non-profit group Casamémoire runs a variety of projects including an exhibition space housed in an abandoned slaughterhouse on the edge of town. (more…)