Visiting the Museums of Marrakech

Marrkesh Marrakech MuseumA visit to Marrakech, or indeed much of Morocco, can be a dizzying experience for the senses. Luckily, this city matches its outdoor street ambiance with indoor splendor. Marrakech has a wealth of museums, sure to satisfy an enthusiast and appeal to a novice. Several are attached to or contain gardens, making them ideal destinations when needing a respite from the sun or the souks. (more…)

Cultural Activities in Marrakesh

cloth in a marrakesh morocco soukFilled with history and stories, the ancient city of Marrakesh has been called the “Red City” for some time. As a former capital and perennially thriving trading post, it also houses some of the finest artifacts in the country. And, as the city has always served as the symbolic and physical link between north and south, mountain and plain, it is one of the best places to experience the true mélange of Moroccan culture.

If you want to experience all that Marrakesh’s vibrant cultural scene has to offer, make sure not to miss these outstanding spots.

Jardin Majorelle and the Museum of Islamic Art – A botanical garden first built by French artist Jacques Majorelle in 1924, the grounds today host innumerable flowering plants and trees, more than 15 bird species and a series of fountains and walkways. The garden has been open to the public since 1947 and has been owned by Yves Saint Laurent since 1980. The garden is also home to the excellent Museum of Islamic Art, which houses traditional pottery, jewelry and metalwork, textiles and other art from Morocco and North Africa. (more…)