Take a Trip to Ifrane, Morocco

ifrane moroccoLocated in northern Morocco in the Middle Atlas Mountains, west of Ifrane National Park, is the city of Ifrane, an oasis with verdant forests. Lakes, fountains and greenery in the city offer a breath of fresh air from some of the other busier, dustier cities in Morocco.

Built by the French in the 1930s, Ifrane became a retreat of sorts. With wide avenues for driving, European-style villas and natural green spaces within easy access, you might feel like you’ve stepped into a summer resort in Switzerland with the sloped roof chalets and natural springs. During the winter months, Ifrane becomes a destination for skiers, and there are several resorts set among the hills. In the summer, these same hills are lush and green and become a hot spot for hiking, walking, mountaineering and rock climbing. (more…)