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Exploring the Draa Valley in Morocco

Draa Valley MoroccoLocated in the deep south of Morocco, the Draa Valley stretches from the city of Ouarzazate into the Sahara Desert. The Draa Valley is a stunning oasis home to Berber villages, sumptuous Kasbahs, streaming sand dunes, lush green plains, snow-capped Atlas Mountains, endless stretches of palm trees and the Draa, Morocco’s largest river.

During ancient times, the river of Draa crossed the desert and traveled hundreds of kilometers west until it joined the Atlantic. Today, most of this river has dried but its path still leads through one of the most fascinating landscapes in Morocco. (more…)

Morocco Draa Valley Tour

One of the most spectacular spots in Morocco is the Draa Valley. For many it is considered to be a sacred ground. Members of the Moroccan royal family walked across pathways there. Modern cities placed along the border of the valley draw on historical attributes to fashion a way of life today. Quaint villages spring to life among burned mountain ranges. Authentic Berber villages give way to majestic palm trees. (more…)

MHamid and Erg Chigaga

MHamid brings a quieter pace of life to Morocco. It is nestled in the Zagora region just past the Draa Valley and is one of the starting points of the famed Sahara desert. Although travel to this small town is an adventure in itself, many tourists still make the trip. This is due in large part to the picturesque views that are afforded by the Sahara desert and surrounding High Atlas Mountains ranges. Vibrant Marrakech is approximately seven to eight hours of travel time from this small secluded area. (more…)