Best Fishing Villages in Morocco

blue boats essaouira moroccoIf fishing is your passion, the fresh and salt water beaches and lakes of Morocco offer the pure mountain air and the warm, Moroccan sun making these charming villages the most memorable fishing and vacation venues in the world.

The fishing industry in Morocco is a leading foreign exchange earner and considered the largest fish market in Africa. What is a source of economic wealth for the locals has also become a boom for tourism attracting Europeans, Americans, Canadians and other world travelers. The three best villages in Morocco that embody everything you want in a vacation destination, beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine and the best catch for any hungry fisherman can all be found in Asilah, thirty minutes from Tangier; Ifrane, a French-built, chalet-style town; and Essaouira, where you can feast on the freshest fish in the world.

The quaint fishing village of Asilah exudes a Mediterranean-style charm, true to its relatively recent Spanish history. Situated on a cliff overlooking the North Atlantic Coast, Asilah is an intimate yet sophisticated walled town with galleries lining the narrow streets. Every year artists and performers descend on Asilah during the prestigious International Cultural Festival where they leave behind brightly painted murals on the whitewashed walls. (more…)

Best Ways to Relax in Morocco

yoga in MoroccoWith so much to see and do in Morocco, it can be difficult to find the time to relax. After a day touring the lively and sometimes chaotic Moroccan souks, you will definitely be up for a little quiet time. You can relax and rejuvenate in a Moroccoan bathhouse called a Hammam or you can unwind with a cup of tea on your hotel’s rooftop terrace. If you are in need for some quality relaxation time consider spending an evening at La Pause, visiting Essaouria in western Morocco or signing up for a yoga retreat.

Visit a Moroccan Hammam: Visiting the Hammam or Turkish bathhouse is not only one of the best ways to relax in Morocco, but it is also one of the best ways to connect with the local culture. Hammams are public bathhouses and are found in nearly every town in Morocco. Visiting a Hammam can be a relaxing experience if you know what to expect. You should bring normal bathing items with you to a Hammam like shampoo and soap, as well as an extra pair of underpants. When entering a Hammam, you will leave your clothes and towel in a dressing room and then enter the steamy bathing rooms. Everyone sits on the floor to bathe and fills up and mixes buckets of hot and cold water to get the perfect temperature. You can also pay a Hammam attendant for a head to toe scrub down, but be warned that these scrubs are intense. (more…)

Tapping Toes at the World Gnaoua Festival

Guitar player World Gnaoua FestivalWhen some visitors travel to Morocco, cultural experiences are an enticing attraction. This is why so many venture to the port city Essaouira to participate in the World Gnaoua Festival. Also known as the Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival, the event brings together global music traditions as well as those of the Gnaouas, a blend of African tribal music and Islamic rituals. The music itself incorporates drums and other instruments to bring the performers to a trance-like state.

Essaouira is one of those picturesque seaside places dotted with houses painted in bright white and blue. It is a popular resort location situated just below the Atlas Mountains and attracts travelers who want to indulge in its relaxing environs and take advantage of its excellent beaches. The town is a former Portuguese settlement dating back to the 18th century. While waiting for the music events to begin, you can absorb some of the local history by touring old fortresses or browse the myriad shops that house Essaouira’s many artisans and craftsmen.

Family Morocco Holidays

Are you in the process of planning a family vacation? Do you want to go to a place that your Mp3 listening, computer game playing teenager and your precocious 5 year old will both be happy? Look no further than Morocco. This North African country offers something for everyone in your family–from the historian to the outdoor adventurer! You can book a Moroccan vacation that the whole family will enjoy. On your holiday to Morocco, you can ride a camel, visit mosques, spy palaces and barter and wander through open-air markets. (more…)

Secret Fish Eatery of Essaouira, Morocco

Wandering the wet stony streets one thirsty mooned night in Essaouira, Morocco, we searched in vain for an authentic fish eatery. We had eaten so many times at the dock: A couple ambiance boat-shaped restaurants line the dock past the Portuguese-built harbor walls. Though the food is grilled tasty, the prices are not local. Through ear straining hearsay, we heard of a place where thigh-sized fish accompanied pyramids of prawn and shrimp. The hearsaid voices spit in our minds: fish, fresh, eat, cheap… We lusted over the plausibility. (more…)