Salé, Morocco: Take Me to The Other Side

Visitors journeying to Morocco will no doubt enjoy visiting some of the country’s most famous and exotic cities; they will be drawn by the ancient pink walls of Marrakech, the old medina in Fez and the endless beaches of Essaouira. However, one city that tourists sometimes (and unfortunately) overlook is Salé. Salé is the twin city to the Moroccan capital of Rabat, lying just across the river Bou Regreg. The Bou Regreg River forms the border between Salé and Rabat, and after passing between the two cities, empties itself into the Atlantic Ocean. Many visitors to Morocco are overwhelmed by the historical sites in Rabat (such as the medina, the ancient ruins of Chellah, and the mausoleum of Mohammed V), and they forget that a short boat ride away from the capital will lead them to the less glamorous, but equally fascinating city of Salé. (more…)