Morocco’s Mountain Ranges: An Overview

mountains moroccoWhile many travelers are most familiar with Morocco’s imperial cities, the country’s majestic mountain ranges warrant a visit from anyone who appreciates a scenic landscape. From short, easy hikes to multi-day treks, the mountain ranges offer something for almost every type of traveler.

Rif Mountains

Located in the northernmost part of Morocco, the Rif Mountain range runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast. Though it tends to receive fewer visitors than the country’s other ranges, the area’s peaks delight trekkers with views of limestone cliffs, gorges, valleys and flowing streams. (more…)

Morocco for Adventure Seekers

trekking hiking in MoroccoFrom luxury resorts and beachfront spas, to mountain lodges and sand dune hikes, if you can dream it, to shine up an old cliché, chances are good that if you can dream it, you can do it. For many, that dream includes adventure in Morocco. No matter your definition, whether getting lost in a winding medina, trekking the high peaks, camping amid sand dunes or just getting through your first taxi ride, Morocco provides ample opportunity for thrill seekers.

If the idea of hiking into the wilderness strikes your fancy, Morocco’s famous mountain ranges are the perfect place to test your skills. Novice hikers can take part in any number of day hikes from the innumerable mountain villages that dot the High and Middle Atlas. Imlil, just an hour from Marrakesh, acts as trailhead for those looking to ascend Jbel Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak. Setting out for just a few hours along the trail will lead you to remote villages, religious shrines and some of the most spectacular alpine views in the country. Azilal, in the north, lies in the foothills of the Middle Atlas and is a beautiful place to use as a base from which to explore the region. (more…)