Top Attractions in Safi, Morocco

Safi MoroccoThe Atlantic port city of Safi may not be considered the biggest tourist hub of Morocco, but isn’t it said that the best things are the least expected? In this case, absolutely. Pack your camera, put on walking shoes and get ready to discover all that the road less traveled by has to offer.

The city has two hearts—old and new Safi. The old city is the quaint, poorer division, great for strolling between ceramic shops that offer super cheap prices. The new city booms with life and a few attractions like seaside villas and a Portuguese cathedral. And the setting sun doesn’t mean sleep for this town. Safi stays awake, breathing with life, long after dark.

Safi lies about 150 kilometers northwest of Marrakech and halfway between the two ocean ports of Casablanca and Agadir. The Portuguese occupied Safi in the early 16th century for about 30 years. During their rule of the city they built a citadel surrounding a military enclave, still intact today, called the Kechla.