How to Travel with Kids in Morocco

morocco kidsWith its lively markets and landscapes straight out of motion pictures, Morocco is a magical place in children’s eyes. The compact size of the country and friendly people make traveling with kids enjoyable and rewarding. Though children might tire of typical adult pursuits in Morocco—watching Mom and Dad haggle over carpet prices can’t be too exciting—the fascinating sights and sounds of everyday life makes wanderings both educational and entertaining. Like other countries in the region, Morocco is a very child-friendly culture, and you will likely find hotel and restaurant staff doting on yours.

Consider limiting the scope of travel to one region of the country to avoid long car trips; those endless landscapes that look romantic to adults could seem just, well, endless, to kids in the back seat. The bustle of imperial cities like Marrakech and Fez is anything but boring, and all children will likely find the dunes and camels of the Sahara fascinating. And the easy lifestyle of beach towns on the Atlantic helps families combine downtime in the sun with exposure to a new culture. Destinations particularly popular with families are Essaouira, Agadir, Marrakech and the stretches of the Great Oasis Valleys or High Atlas Mountains that let kids run around in the great outdoors. Older children and teenagers can participate in easy treks and even camping under the stars in the desert. (more…)