Legzira Beach: Natural Rock Arch in Morocco

Legzira Beach: Natural Rock Arch in Morocco

Update: In September 2016, this iconic rock arch collapsed due to erosion. There is still an arch on the beach, but this one currently no longer exists.

Morocco is a country filled with beautiful hidden gems and Legzira Beach and its famous Rock Arch are undoubtedly a part of this collection. Tucked away between the two small towns of Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, Legzira Rock Arch Beach in Morocco’s southern Atlantic Coast is known as one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Africa. Like its other Atlantic counterparts, the 8km of sandy coast are windy, rocky and expansive. But they also hold a unique charm. (more…)

Guide to the Beaches of Mirleft, Morocco

Guide to the Beaches of Mirleft

Mirleft, Morocco is a small and sleepy fishing town peacefully set back from untouched Southern Moroccan coastline and a handful of rugged beaches (some still totally wild). So laid back it’s almost horizontal, the friendly Berber town remains to attract low levels of foreign tourism and perhaps for good reason; there is not much to make up an exciting ‘things to do’ list in the town itself.