M’Goun Summit and the Ait Imi Spring

A Flowing Spring

A Flowing Spring

Have you recently said: “…part of my next holiday abroad will include a trek.”? Travelers with a sense of adventure find Trekking M’Goun to be a must, an escape from the Toubkal throngs. M’Goun is in the Ait Bougmez valley within the High Atlas mountains. The region is largely unmapped and unknown to outsiders, so a trek here uncovers some of the “real” morocco. (more…)

Morocco’s Ait Bougmez Valley: Trekking

Ait Bougmez Valley M'goun MassifWithin Morocco is a hidden kingdom known as Ait Bougmez. Its sheer beauty will have you wishing to come back after your Morocco vacation is said and done.  Ait Bougmez was largely unexplored by anyone other than the Berbers who live in the village towns before this century.  It was not until 2001 that the Ait Bougmez region got its first road; one that could remain open all year round.  Up until then, the road could be closed for months at a time due to the harsh snowy winters. (more…)

Morocco Mgoun & Ait Bougmez Valley

Morocco trekking tours are recommended to explore th prepossessing M’goun region in Morocco. The tour guides are often natives, familiar with the area as well as the local customs. Utilize the services of an educated tour guide through a Morocco tour operator to better explore this authentic Berber villages. Satiate your lust in Wanderlust by trekking through pastoral valleys, indulging in the sights and sounds offered only in this part of Morocco. The coupled Mgoun and Ait Bougmez Valley proffer villages, people and ways of life unique to only this region in all of Africa. (more…)