Wandering Amidst the Monoliths of M’Soura

romantic couple morocco sunsetIf you happen to be learning about Morocco you may like to visit the country’s version of Stonehenge: the Monoliths of M’Soura. This Neolithic site is home to a great stone circle in some ways similar to the one located on the plains of Salisbury, England.

The site rests on a prominent knoll in the hamlet of Soura, about seven kilometers southeast of Sidi El Yamani, a larger village only a bus or taxi ride away from Asilah or Larache, two ocean-side resort cities. However, once you reach Yamani you may need a 4×4 vehicle to negotiate the seven-kilometer trek to Soura. Alternatively, you may go on foot, ride a bicycle or even rent a donkey.

You will likely need the expertise of local guide or the services of the site’s custodian to truly experience the site. (An in-country guide may be able to arrange a visit as part of larger regional tour packages.) (more…)