Wedding Traditions in Morocco

Morocco wedding brideLet it never be said that Moroccans don’t know how to party; one of the best ways to experience this truth first-hand is to attend a wedding. Moroccan weddings are 24-hour affairs, but some can take place over the course of two or even three days. Just as in the west, every wedding is different, and families strive to put a unique or personal spin on the day. All the same, there are a few common themes and events that occur over the course of a wedding, and knowing what to expect if you attend one is important.

First, know that there is a very great difference between ‘country’ weddings and ‘city’ weddings. Urban couples are generally a bit wealthier, and their day may include a number of dress changes for the bride; an endless supply of tagine, cakes, and cookies; and even some professional live music. Rural couples generally stick to more traditional ceremonies, though the urban influence is starting to creep in to even the most remote wedding festivities. (more…)