Planning a Trip to Morocco: What to Ask Yourself

travel tips moroccoChoosing Morocco as your vacation destination is a significant step in planning your next travel adventure. To get started, you should consider what type of experience you want to have and how much time and money you’re willing to spend. These decisions influence the more detailed plans you’ll make later.

What kind of experience do I want to have?

The type of experience you hope to have is likely related to the reasons you chose to travel to Morocco. Think about this before choosing specific spots to visit or envisioning what you might pack. The list below offers a few options you might consider.

  • Are you looking forward to a relaxing, poolside vacation? Morocco has several mid-range and upscale hotels with pools, hammams and gorgeous views. With plenty of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, beaches and sleepy fishing towns are plentiful.
  • Is the history found in ruins, ancient medinas and museums more your thing? While history and culture are everywhere, they’re especially plentiful in and around Fez. (more…)

What To Do When Your Trip to Morocco is Over

Morocco belly dancing cooking languageTravelers have the unique opportunity of being able to share experiences created abroad with family and friends back home. Jumping into every conversation with “When I was in Morocco…” is not necessarily the best way to interest others in your experiences, but there are many creative things you can do to share your Moroccan trip with your community.

Cook Moroccan Food for Family and Friends

During your trip to Morocco, you most likely sampled all sorts of slow-cooked tajines, succulent kebabs, hearty couscous dishes and freshly baked bread. If you enjoy cooking and baking, try your hand at Moroccan cuisine and share the results of your culinary endeavors with friends. (more…)