What to Eat in Morocco

Tajine Morocco FoodMoroccan cuisine is known for its mix of North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking styles. Often combining sweet and salty elements, Moroccan dishes burst with flavor. Here are some of the most popular national dishes to try during your first trip to Morocco.


Tajine is any dish that is slowly simmered in traditional terracotta cookware. The pots are round with a low, wide base and topped with a conical lid in order to allow all the aromas and flavors to bake into the meat and vegetables while in the oven or on the stovetop. While there are many regional varieties of tajine, two of the most popular dishes are chicken tajine with olives and lamb tajine with figs or almonds. To dine the Moroccan way, use the thick Moroccan bread in lieu of a spoon; the bread soaks up the juices and flavors of the dish.