Bird Watching on the Tagdilt Track

horned lark birdWord is quickly getting out to birdwatching enthusiasts that the arid desert of southern Morocco is the place to go for seeing some truly rare and stunning desert species. And although experienced birdwatchers are a notoriously patient and persistent group, you won’t have a chance to get bored looking at all the species on offer—if you know where to go.

The so-called Tagdilt Track, a road covering a vast expanse of land in southeastern Morocco, is likely your best bet to tick off as many desert birds as possible on your list, including the stricking black and white mourning wheatear, the desert lark, Temminck’s horned lark and the cream-colored courser. In spring, shallow ponds occasionally appear and you can, if you’re lucky, even spot a flock of pink flamingos. (more…)