Morocco Draa Valley Tour

One of the most spectacular spots in Morocco is the Draa Valley. For many it is considered to be a sacred ground. Members of the Moroccan royal family walked across pathways there. Modern cities placed along the border of the valley draw on historical attributes to fashion a way of life today. Quaint villages spring to life among burned mountain ranges. Authentic Berber villages give way to majestic palm trees. (more…)

Encounter Morocco’s Draa Valley

You are enjoying your Morocco holiday. You have visited cities out of the past. You have walked where royals walked. You have visited the mystery of Tangiers and Casablanca. Now, though, you’re ready for a change from urban scenery to rural splendidness. Take a trip, then, through the Draa Valley. Here burned mountains, red clay villages seemingly sprouted from the earth and Berber villages with contrasting palm oasises line your itinerary. The Draa Valley is known as the date basket of Morocco. Shipping worldwide, this “date basket” provides an income and lifestyle to many in the area. (more…)