Perfectly, Imperfect: Our Family’s First Christmas in Morocco

Perfectly, Imperfect: Our Family’s First Christmas in Morocco

My girls emphatically insist on seeing gaudy, kilowatt-sucking, elaborate red-and-white, Rudolph, Frosty and Santa-inspired holiday decorations at the same time as everyone else in the United States – the day after Halloween. It doesn’t matter that they have never lived in the US. And, it doesn’t matter that Halloween hasn’t exactly a been “traditional” holiday anywhere we have lived, whether that was in Central or West Africa or, these days, Morocco. (more…)

Morocco Family Tour

A little unknown fact about Morocco is that it is a great place for a family holiday. Virtually every inch of the region offers something for everyone to enjoy. Over the course of a Morocco family tour, families can travel the majestic Sahara Desert with a camel as the mode of transportation or take a peek at authentic Moroccan life in a Berber village. Take in a piece of Moroccan history with a visit to palaces, mosques and souk markets. (more…)

A Morocco Family Holiday

Morocco provides an assortment of sights and sounds that give travelers a sense of the charm and exotic wonders of this region. Picturesque landscapes come to life in snowcapped High Atlas Mountains and the golden Sahara Desert dunes. Authentic Moroccan life is found in the many quaint villages and towns that are quietly tucked away between more vibrant cities such as Marrakech and Casablanca.