Morocco Earthquake Relief & Recovery

Onward To Morocco’s Jbel Toubkal Summit

Located in southwestern Morocco, nestled into the Toubkal National Park, stands the Jbel Toubkal mountain, majestic and impressive. With a stunning height of 4,167 metres, this particular peak is the single highest mountain in North Africa, located in the Atlas Mountains. Looking from the ridge of the summit, those who journey to the top are given a breathtaking view of clear blue eyes and mountains dusted with snow, which is always a bit of a surreal sensation in Africa.   (more…)

Morocco Trekking Adventure

Beauty and wonder surrounds those who travel to Morocco. A variety of travel guides stand ready to take foreign visitors into the vibrant region of undulating hills, pointed massifs, blowing sand dunes and camel herders. Travelers can choose a private Morocco tour with Journey Beyond Travel or just simply sit back and enjoy traveling Morocco at their own personal pace. Regardless of which tour option a traveler selects, each will feature stunning scenic views, friendly Moroccan people and a little taste of what life in Morocco is all about. (more…)

Moroccan Luxury in Morocco Travel

Morocco is an enchanting place that soothes the soul, arouses the senses and takes one to distant places only dreamed of in books and movies. Ancient lifestyles are preserved in old towns that offer up quaint little shops that fill front windows with bags of spices, dates and dried fruits. Across the street, the clatter of ceramic can be heard as a potter brings a bowl from a ball of clay to a bowl. Dining establishments are found in the same area as these craft stores offering up some of the most delectable Morocco cuisine. (more…)