Medersa Bou Inania: A Moroccan Gem in Fez

Medersa Bou InaniaAlthough Sultan Abou Inan wasn’t the most pious of men (having killed his father, brutally murdered his rivals, and fathering over 300 offspring), he was able to devote some time towards developing one of Morocco’s most beautiful medersas, the magnificent Medersa Bou Inania (also known as Madrasa Bou Inania or simply Bu Inaniya). Built between 1351 and 1358, the medersa stands today as one of the most stunning examples of Merenid architecture in the world. Initially, it functioned as both an educational institute and a mosque. Today it is still an active religious building, and it is one of the few mosques in Morocco that remains open for all to visit, including those that are not Muslim, providing a unique experience for tourists. (more…)

Activities to Enjoy in Any Moroccan City

Hassan II mosque Casablanca MoroccoLike in your home country, you can count on most Moroccan cities—regardless of size—to offer basic staples that cater to the population’s needs and culture. When you Morocco travel, you’re bound to find something to do wherever you are. If you ever wonder how to pass some time, consider some of the activities below.

Browse the market.

Large cities have lively medinas, lined floor to ceiling, with impressive displays of regional handicrafts, colorful wares and culinary delights. Less populated towns tend to have smaller, often open-air, markets.

While a village might have only a shop or two open daily to sell basic necessities, the scene changes dramatically on the weekly “market day,” when residents in and around the community gather to buy and sell anything anyone might need. Expect to maneuver around bikes with baskets, load-bearing donkeys and dusty pick-up trucks. (more…)