The Best Travel Advice: Don’t Panic — The Coronavirus in Morocco

The Best Travel Advice: Don’t Panic — The Coronavirus in Morocco

Call it what you will — COVID 19; Coronavirus; Novel Coronavirus; the Wuhan Virus — whatever name want to use, this new virus definitely has people in a panic. Stock markets are on a rollercoaster, pharmacies have run out of face masks, churches and schools are shuttered, the NBA has cancelled its season, and now Japan has even postponed the 2020 Olympics into next year. With a little 4 year-old at home and a new baby due any day now, we’re a bit anxious about this ourselves! However, from our home base here in Tangier, we are trying to keep a sort of balanced view of this. We’ve talked with numerous doctors in the U.S., France, Spain and here in Morocco. It’s probably no surprise that every doctor we’ve talked to sees this fallout as an overreaction of sorts that has been mediatized to ill effect. At this point, we know the precautions we should be taking, but we all need to be wary of the false information that is spreading. — UPDATED May 6, 2020 (more…)

Travel Tips for the Anti-Atlas Mountains

anti atlas mountains moroccoLocated in southwest Morocco, the Anti-Atlas Mountains are far off the beaten path and can deliver an unspoiled experience for travelers willing to make the journey. This range derives its name from its big, better-known northern neighbors, the High Atlas Mountains, where walking and trekking in Morocco was made popular; “Anti-Atlas” means “Lesser Atlas.”

This range is hardly lesser, however, except when it comes to a tourist population. Within the mountains, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the landscape and glimpses of Berber village life without a crush of other visitors. The Anti-Atlas range extends all the way to Ouarzazate, where many choose to begin tours of the Sahara Desert, so many itineraries combine mountain and desert. (more…)

Avoiding Cons in Morocco

souk marrakesh moroccoFor the most part, Morocco is a safe country, and the majority of travelers will never encounter any trouble. But, there are some specific cons that the country is known for. It’s always smart to be prepared and cautious especially in urban cities and in the souks where visitors are easily confused and overwhelmed. The tourist police force (Brigade Touristique) have cracked down on hustlers and con men, so the harassment isn’t as bad as it was a decade ago, but a few classic cons still exist.

I’m a seasoned long-term traveler, but on my trip to Marrakech during Ramadan, I fell prey to two con artists. Nothing but my pride was hurt and I didn’t lose any money, but I learned some lessons in street smarts for Morocco. (more…)