Winter Activities in Morocco

Morocco in winterIconic images of Morocco—golden sand dunes, colorful marketplaces—tend to remind us of blazing hot summers. In reality, Morocco’s winters set the stage for fantastic travel experiences. The country’s Mediterranean climate involves mild winters with cool temperatures and more rain than at other times of the year. Without the summer crush of tourists, beach resorts feel like private getaways between November and March. Meanwhile, southern Morocco is perhaps at its best.

The Atlas Mountains experience cold and snowy winters. Except for those looking for traditional winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, the mountain ranges are a more dynamic location during warmer months. Winter, however, gives the mountains’ few visitors a chance to say that they skied in Africa. (more…)

Winter Sports in Morocco

snow Morocco skiingAlthough Morocco will never be a winter sports destination, there is still some winter fun to be had if you travel to Morocco. There are a few snow skiing resorts in Morocco, but don’t expect the latest in high-speed lifts or quality rental skis. Instead think 1980s straight skis and donkey trips to the lifts. Skiing in Morocco is about experience rather than skiing killer lines although the skiing industry in Morocco is growing. It isn’t every day that you can find some snow to ski on this close to the equator.